10 Best LED Light for Kitchen Ceiling 2023

Best LED Lights for Kitchen Ceiling

If you are wondering which lights are the best for your kitchen ceiling, we recommend that you try out LED lights. This is because they are top performers in terms of brightness and are energy-efficient, and won’t inflate your power bills.

However, finding the best LED lights for kitchen ceiling could get complicated due to the many options available. So, we shall guide you through a sample of the LED lights to help you pick the right item with ease.

In the end, we hope you find something that will ensure you don’t bump your head into kitchen cabinets or mistakenly cook insects for breakfast!

LED Lights for Kitchen Ceiling: Comparison

As we mentioned earlier, there are plenty of options for the LED lights for kitchens, and you are likely to be spoilt for choice. We shall review some of the top brands in the market to give you an idea of what they are about.

RankingProduct NameWattageVoltage
1Cloudy Bay 10-Inch LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light17 watts‎120 Volts
2Taloya 15.8-Inch LED Ceiling Light‎24 watts120 Volts
3Antlux 60W LED Flush Mount Puff Lights60 watts120 Volts
4Light Blue LB72119 LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light15 Watts120 Volts
5 Lighting Ever Flush Mount 24W Ceiling Light Fixture‎24 watts120 Volts
6Vicnie 14-Inch LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light‎20 watts‎120 Volts
7Airand LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light‎20 watts120 Volts
8Tycholite LED Light Fixtures80 watts120 Volts
9I-Lightings LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light30 watts110-120 Volts
10Taloya 12-Inch Flush Mount LED Ceiling Light- 2-Pack‎20 watts120 Volts
Best LED Lights for Kitchen Ceiling

1. Cloudy Bay 10-Inch LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

At the top of our list is an LED light that would work well for your kitchen and any other indoor area. However, we thought it wise to tell you that you may need to install several of these units in your kitchen to attain more brightness.

We liked that the Cloudy Bay LED light features dimmers that you could use to adjust the light output to your preference. So, if you don’t want it too bright, the dimmers are there for you.

Let’s also talk about the CRI90+ certification that assures you of getting a more precise view with more distinctive colors than what you would get with natural lighting. We were pleased with how their rendition of object colors is close to reality.


  • Dimmable
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • It has a 5-year warranty


  • The diameter is a bit small

2. Taloya 15.8-Inch LED Ceiling Light

If you felt like our first item was too small, Taloya brand gives us an LED light that measures 15.8-inches, which is quite decent. This is because it offers more versatility, and you can use it in different areas.

An outstanding aspect of this light is that it offers three color temperatures, i.e., 3000K, 4000K, and 6000K. So, you can use the toggle switch to the temperature that is ideal for your present atmosphere.

Another thing is that this ceiling light is rated at 24W. This wattage is equivalent to a traditional 240W incandescent ceiling fixture, and this is vital in getting you lower power bills.

Don’t worry about the installation, as the unique mounting ring design ensures that one screwdriver is enough to help you complete the setup.


  • Quite large
  • Well-built
  • Low power consumption


  • Not that bright

3. Antlux 60W LED Flush Mount Puff Lights

What do we know about the Antlux brand? Well, we can tell you that their lighting products are some of the most powerful and some of the brightest in the market. These are some of the reasons why this LED ceiling lighting would be perfect for your kitchen.

This rectangular ceiling lighting has a remarkable size of 48-inches implying that one unit is enough. And when you combine this length with the wattage of 60W, you can expect outstanding brightness from this lighting.

Also worth mentioning is the brightness of 6600 lumens. This count is quite high, and you can see everything in your kitchen clearly. The color temperature of 6000K will also help in making all areas of your kitchen more visible.

Lastly, the 3-year warranty aims to give you the confidence and peace of mind that you are investing in a durable and high-quality product.


  • Ideal for large sizes
  • It has a 3-year warranty
  • Very bright


  • Not impressed with the build quality

4. Light Blue LB72119 LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Next up is a 12-inch flush mount ceiling light that is perfect for you if you are tired of skyrocketing power bills. With a wattage of only 15W, the power consumption is relatively low, and this will help drive your power bills down.

The Light Blue ceiling light has a lumen output of 1200 lumens. When you combine this with the 4000K cool white color temperature, you can expect a reasonably bright and cozy atmosphere in your kitchen that anyone would appreciate.

You may also be pleased with the dimming ability that allows you to set the brightness to your ideal level.

How about the stunning design and brushed nickel finish that will add to your kitchen’s beauty?

Lastly, the product is ETL-certified which is an assurance that it has been tested and met the required safety standards.


  • ETL-certified for safety
  • Attractive design
  • Versatile for different rooms


  • Short useful life

5. Lighting Ever (LE) Flush Mount 24W Ceiling Light Fixture

Are you looking for a budget-friendly LED light for your kitchen? If you are, LE presents you with one of the most affordable units to feature on our list. With its fair pricing, we were not disappointed that this lighting fixture offers us a size of 13-inches.

Other than that, this light is rated at 24W and has a maximum brightness of 2400 lumens. When you add these features to the 5000K color temperature, you can expect a decent light output even though you didn’t spend much on the product.

Another factor that you may like is the IP54 water and dustresistance. This feature assures you that the light is fully sealed to offer the protection needed against splashing water.

Last but not least, the slim design ensures that the fixture can blend effortlessly with any interior décor.


  • Non-bug attracting
  • Energy-saving
  • Long lifespan


  • Poor build quality

6. Vicnie 14-Inch LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Vicnie is a popular brand of LED ceiling lights due to the stylish artistic designs that would look great on your kitchen. However, these units are among the priciest, and you should be prepared to fork out more money for them.

This particular flush mount ceiling light uses 3000K lights, resulting in a comfortable light output that creates a cozy atmosphere in your kitchen. This also adds to the unit’s artistic aspect.

Then, the light has a wattage of only 20W, which results in an output of 1400 lumens. It may be an average output, but it should just be enough for your kitchen’s visibility needs.

We liked the decent size of 14-inches which further complements the light’s attractiveness.

Most of all, the product is backed by a 3-year warranty to assure you of a risk-free investment.


  • Attractive artistic design
  • Warm and comfortable light output
  • Well-built


  • Poor brightness/low lumen count

7. Airand LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

The Airand LED ceiling light was designed with your comfort and safety in mind. For instance, it has no buzzing plus is flicker-free to offer maximum protection for your eyes. Further, it is eco-friendly as it does not emit any lead or mercury and IR or UV irradiation which are potentially toxic to the environment.

Next, the ceiling light will provide you with an output of 1850 lumens. This number indicates outstanding brightness and will be enough to light up your super-large kitchen.

Let’s touch on the significance of the IP44 waterproof rating, which means that you could also use this fixture for your bathroom ceiling. This is because it is fully sealed against splashing water, as you would expect in the bathroom.

This ceiling light has an estimated useful life of over 30,000 hours. So, it will be a long time before you have to get a replacement unit.


  • Flicker and buzz-free
  • Energy-saving
  • Long life


  • Complicated installation

8. Tycholite LED Light Fixtures

Tycholite may not be a big name as other brands we have looked at, but it still has a lot to offer. For instance, it is pretty large with a size of 48-inches,plus it has an outstanding wattage rating of 80 watts.

This results in a maximum brightness of 8800 lumens to make it one of the brightest units on our list and will light up your kitchen to its ideal brightness. On top of that, it uses a neutral color temperature of 4000K, which will create a pleasant atmosphere in your room.

The build quality is also excellent and contributes to its longevity as it wouldn’t break apart easily.

Lastly, the light fixture has a 5-year warranty, giving you peace of mind as you would be at less risk of losing your money.


  • Easy installation
  • Excellent build
  • A long warranty period of 5-years


  • Pricey

9. I-Lightings LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

The i-Lightings flush mount ceiling light is another fixture that will help you reduce your electricity bills by a significant margin. Since one 36W LED ceiling light is equivalents to the 200W incandescent lights you are used to, you will end up saving up to 85% on electricity costs.

Besides that, the ceiling light has a wattage of 30W, producing a brightness of 2000 lumens. When you combine this with the large surface giving out the light, this unit will not leave out any area of the room for maximum visibility.

We liked the easy installation and the simple design that makes the light suited for different places, including the kitchen, bedroom, and balcony.

When it comes to durability, the thickening die-cast chassis with better heat dissipation gives the light more longevity and stability.

Also of importance is the flicker-free nature of the fixture for smoother light and eye safety and comfort.


  • Easy installation
  • Versatile
  • Great heat dissipation


  • Poor packaging

10. Taloya 12-Inch Flush Mount LED Ceiling Light- 2-Pack

Once again, we shall look at a product from the Taloya brand, and this time it comes in a pack of two products. This gives you full value for your money, and you get a backup plan in case something goes wrong with one ceiling light.

One thing we liked about these lights is their low-profile design. This way, they won’t interfere with other doors in the kitchen or any other room that you install them in. Further, they have a protective finish that helps them maintain their great look for a long time to come.

Even though the lights are non-dimmable, they offer you three color temperatures to choose from, i.e., 3000K, 4000K, and 6500K. This gives you the freedom to select the temperature you are most comfortable with.

What about the sealing? In this case, we can assure you that no insects will penetrate the light while it is also dustproof to ensure you get the most precise light always.

We shall conclude by telling you that the customer support is fantastic, and the competent team is always ready to respond to all of your queries.


  • Fully sealed
  • Wide application
  • Low profile design


  • Non-dimmable

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Buying Guide for Kitchen Ceiling LED Lights

How did we arrive at the units that we consider the best in the market? We did this by focusing on several vital features to ensure that the lights are effective in delivering the service you were looking for.

And if you get these factors right, you can be sure of an easy time finding the best LED lights for kitchen ceiling. Here are those factors:


Why is a lighting fixture’s size such an important factor to consider? It could be because it determines the smoothness and evenness of the light that will be delivered to your kitchen.

In addition to the size, the shape is also a vital factor to think about whereby the options at your disposal are rectangular and circular LED lights. In general, the rectangular units are larger and can measure between 50 to 80-inches long. This is opposed to the 15-Inch diameters of the circular ones.

As you may have guessed, the larger product is likely to offer better lighting.


The other important factor to consider before settling for a particular LED light is its wattage rating. This should give you an idea of how powerful you can expect your unit to be in performance or brightness.

A higher wattage will deliver more brightness, although most units with a higher rating lie in the pricier end of the scale.

Number of Lumens

Lumens are the unit count of brightness, and the higher the lumen rating, the brighter your unit is likely to be. It is possible to establish a link between the wattage rating and the brightness, with both figures often rising proportionally, i.e., high wattage goes with more brightness.

The Build Quality

The quality of construction will determine how long you can expect the LED kitchen light to serve you. A well-built unit will not break apart easily in case of an accidental bump, while a fixture with excellent heat-dissipation is also likely to last for a decent period.

As you search for the ideal LED light for your kitchen ceiling, check for a lifespan of over 25,000 hours to be sure of service for a reasonable duration.

Color Temperature

This refers to the color that the LED light emits, and it is a factor that you should not ignore. The ratings are usually given in Kelvin, where 2500-3000K are for warmer lights while 5000K-6000K are for cooler lights.

In case you are in the dark, warm light tends to be yellowish, while cool lights could either be white or slightly blue. If you want a versatile product, go for one that offers you an adjustable color temperature.

Warranty Terms

A warranty should give you an idea of how long a particular lighting fixture is likely to last. The standard warranty period lasts between two to three years. However, you could be lucky to find one that goes to as many as six years which would be remarkable.

FAQs on LED Lights for Kitchen Ceiling

In our discussion, we shall also look at some of the commonly asked questions on LED kitchen ceiling lights to boost your knowledge on the topic.

Here are some of those queries.

Are LED lights perfect for the kitchen?

Yes, they are. Besides providing your kitchen with the brightness and visibility that you need, they are also helpful in keeping your energy costs at a minimum.

Which is the best position for ceiling lights in a kitchen?

The ideal position for these lights is close to the counters while ensuring that you leave sufficient space between them to provide even lighting for the area. Try to be keen enough that the lights are 4ft apart to achieve even lighting.

How many LED lights do I need for my kitchen ceiling?

It all depends on the size of your kitchen. However, the average kitchen needs 4500 lumens for proper lighting. This translates to about four 10-Inch LED ceiling lights with a wattage rating of 17W.

Our Top Pick #1

After closely analyzing and comparing the various features of the above LED lights, we concluded that the Cloudy Bay 10-Inch LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light is the best overall. It is dimmable, has CRI90+ certification, and comes with a 5-year warranty to indicate its expected lifespan.

With that combination, you can expect the LED light to brighten up your kitchen just how you want it.

Final Word

By now, you must have figured out the benefits of LED lighting for your kitchen. Besides offering the brightness you need, this technology will also play a crucial part in lowering your energy bills.

And if you find the right LED light for your kitchen ceiling, you can rest assured that you have landed a stable source of light that will serve you for a while.

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