Can You Spray Paint Light Bulbs? In 9 Simple Step

Can You Spray Paint Light Bulbs

Simple home decoration tips like spray painting light bulbs to color shades of one’s choice are a sure way of making a home full of ambiance and a place you look forward to after a long tiresome day. Funny enough, creative minds have taken this decoration further to places like churches and hospitals.

In hospitals, for instance, it has been reported that painted green light bulbs help in overcoming jet lag.

To find the best results, it is argued one should paint spray a light bulb that is less than 40W.

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Can You Spray Paint Light Bulbs

Why Would You Want To Spray-Paint Bulbs?

Sprayed light bulbs can be given as gifts that are inexpensive yet have a lot of creativity. Another reason could be you want to change how your rooms look and this would be a perfect way to personalize the whole exercise. Others simply just want to make kids arts project flowery and beautiful.

If you enjoy what you do then you can as well extract a few coins from it. You might want to sell a few of your artworks to willing individuals at a fee. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme but be sure to get some money your way every month.

What Items Do You Need?

  • Clear light bulbs
  • A dimmer
  • Metallic spray glass paint
  • Painters tape
  • Hand gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Brushes for paint works
  • Adhesive

All these items can be purchased from local hardware stores and merchandisers in your neighborhood. Are you wondering what a dimmer is? A dimmer is a device used to adjust lighting and act as an energy saver, in this case for our high wattage bulb.

Safety and Precaution Measures

A word of caution is always to wear a glove and safety glass to avoid injuries from burns and breakages and ensure to have a dimmer. Some people have suggested that they would rather paint a glass jar and put the bulb inside before spraying the bulb itself.

Others have successfully testified that the trick works perfectly well if quality paints are chosen. Once all the above have been assembled, the process begins as follows:-

How to Choose the Best Dimmer

It should be chosen based on the total wattage that is equal to or more than the total wattage of all the light bulbs that will be controlled by the dimmer. Have the device installed by an electrician.

Choice of glass paint to use

  • The secret to spray light bulbs is to choose a paint which is non-water-based glass ones.
  • Selected paints must withstand high temperatures once the bulb is switched on. You may want to hear testimonies on what kind of paints are safe from those who have tried this before.

Pray Paint Your Light Bulbs: Step by Step

Step 1:

Dust off the surface of the bulbs using cotton wool and spirit to dissolve any stubborn dirt. Wipe and leave it to dry.

Step 2:​

Have the bulbs stuck on a sticky lump on a flat surface to make them firm and still. Handle with care so as not to shutter the glasses.

Step 3:​

Decide on what impression you want to create by first practicing it on the paper.

Step 4:​

Tape off part of the bulb while applying a layer of the paint to the exposed portion. Repeat this process until the whole of it is evenly coated.

Step 5:​

The bulb surface may not offer good spray coverage. You need to apply more than one coat to achieve good effects.

Step 6:​

Spray one side leaving it to dry before turning to spray the other side. The glass paint should provide a transparent finish.

Step 7:​

The paintworks can then be enhanced by creative works which include drawing patterns.

Step 8:​

After spraying, let them dry for approximately four hours. Ensure not to touch your spray work before it is fully dry.

Step 9:​

Cure the painted bulbs by placing them in a cold oven, setting the temperature to the desired range then preheating and then allow to cool before removing them from the oven.

Expected results

The result of the whole process is amazing. You now want to install the painted light bulb by ensuring the switch is turned off. After installation is done and lights are switched on, you will be surprised how much your room is transformed by this simple home decoration technique.

Pictorial examples of sprayed light bulbs can be viewed on Pinterest. It is good to note that this does it your way form of home decoration has a lot of uses and applications including cost-cutting in the following areas:-

  • Themed parties;
  • Halloween parties;
  • Glass vase for flowers;
  • Pimping up your Christmas tree;
  • Hot air balloons.

The whole idea of this creative work can be turned into a chandelier by having a light kit in the middle to hold several bulbs. Now, take the challenge and try it out yourself.

Some of these homemade ideas only require a can of spray and your willingness to try out something new. It is no secret that whatever result you get will go a long way toward changing the looks of your room.


You might want to try other aspects like turning your light bulb into ornaments or just creating flower verses. After you have changed your room color to green, would you want to take a long flight and then come back home to feel how much jetlag is suppressed?

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