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How Long Do Edison Bulbs Last?

Edison bulbs have become increasingly popular in the recent past. These bulbs are everywhere, from restaurants to DIY steampunk lamps and costumes.

However, amid this newfound lighting love, some still question how long these bulbs last.

This blog post will discuss how long Edison bulbs last and the factors that can affect their lifespan.

What are Edison Bulbs?

How Long Do Edison Bulbs Last?

Edison bulbs are also known as vintage light bulbs. These modern reproduction bulbs come with unique pear-shaped glass with a vacuum inside, which prevents the filament from breaking or burning.

Although modern Edison bulbs don’t resemble the original electric lamp, they are warm, ambient light that can improve your home’s vintage style. These bulbs are popular in America and are very common in restaurants, homes, and hotels globally.

How Long Do Edison Bulbs Last?

When you compare Edison bulbs with modern compact fluorescent lamps, Edison bulbs can last three times longer than that. Edison bulbs are also called filament lights because the thin wire inside the bulb was originally coiled with a thick strand of wire and a piece of treated cardboard to form a coil shape.

The lamp is filled with small halogen gas and low-pressure inert gas. This long construction process makes the lamp durable and emits better light quality.

Benefits of Using Edison Bulbs


Edison bulbs are the best light fixture for creating a comfortable environment. They are especially crucial in stairwells because their lower wattage ensures they don’t get too hot. This makes them hard to touch, making it impossible for people on a staircase to hit the light and cause harm.

Energy Efficiency

Edison bulbs are more energy-efficient compared to traditional bulbs. Therefore, they are the best for commercial settings where electricity bills are very high. Additionally, if you know that the light won’t be useful during the day or plan to leave it all night long, Edison bulbs are economical because they don’t need much electricity to run.

Vintage Look

Edison bulbs are the best for creating a vintage look in your business or home. These bulbs have a yellow light that is warmer than most types of lighting fixtures. Since they are not harsh, you can use them in your living rooms and bedrooms without worries of eye strain at night.

Different Shapes and Sizes

Edison lightbulbs come in different sizes and shapes, so you can purchase them in bulk when your existing lighting fixture fails. This is very useful when you work in areas that need a lot of light, such as warehouses or garages.

Aesthetic Design

Edison bulbs are some of the most attractive lighting fixtures out there. They cast minimal light upward, which keeps your ceiling looking nice and allows them to maintain their shape even when turned on.

Factors affecting the lifespan of Edison bulbs

Usage of the Bulb

Edison bulbs can withstand continuous use for long hours. Therefore, switching them on and off frequently can shorten their durability.

Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches can also affect how long your Edison bulbs last because they need more power, which shortens the bulb’s lifespan.


The bulb’s wattage also determines how long your bulb can last. Generally, the higher the bulb wattage, the shorter the lifespan. However, this has some exceptions, like LEDs, which consume more power than most Edison bulbs but are more durable.


The location of your bulbs will determine how long they last because high temperatures will shorten their lifespan. Additionally, if they are frequently turned on and off, they are less likely to last long.

Environmental Conditions

Temperature and humidity changes can affect the lifespan of Edison bulbs, especially if they are used outdoors where the conditions keep changing.

Manufacturer and Quality

The quality and manufacturer of the Edison bulbs can also affect their durability because if they are low quality, they won’t withstand continuous use and abuse. On the other hand, higher-quality bulbs are more durable than lower-quality ones.

Unused Bulbs

If you keep your Edison bulbs in store for too long, they can break much earlier than usual because they are unutilized. It’s advisable to use your Edison bulbs every month or store them in good condition.


When was the light bulb invented?

The first electric light bulb was created in 1879 by Thomas Alva Edison.

How bright are Edison bulbs?

Edison incandescent bulbs are not as bright as standard incandescent bulbs. The average Edison bulb emits about half the light of a standard incandescent bulb.

How many watts are Edison bulbs?

Most Edison bulbs come with a sticker on the fixture stating 40-watt max or 60-watt max.

Why do my Edison bulbs flicker?

This can be caused by various factors. But mostly, Edison bulbs may flicker when there are voltage fluctuations in your home’s electrical system.

Are Edison Bulbs Bright Enough?

If you want to determine how bright a bulb is, look at the lumens. This value shows how much light is visible to your eyes instead of the amount of energy needed to achieve a certain level of brightness.

With the recent LED technology, you don’t need as much energy to achieve the desired brightness as you would for halogen or incandescent bulbs.


Edison bulbs have been used for decades and are still a favorite choice of light bulbs, thanks to their soft, warm glow. Edison bulbs are more popular because they are energy efficient, long-lasting, and resemble vintage or antique bulbs.

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