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How Many Amps Do LED Lights Draw?

LED lights are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly. These lights are the future, and there are several reasons to ditch the old-fashioned light bulbs and switch to LED lights.

However, most people looking to switch to LEDs have one big question: How many amps do LED lights draw? Here’s everything you need to know about LED lights.

What is Amp on LED Lights?

An amp, or ampere, is a unit of measurement used to represent the electrical current flow. It measures the amount of electric current flowing through a certain point in your circuit. For LEDs, the ampere draw depends on some factors, including the wattage, type of led light, and voltage.

How to Count Amperage on LED Lights?

To know the number of amps your LED lights will draw, you need to understand the wattage of the LEDs. The wattage is usually indicated on the LED light. Once you’ve identified the wattage, you can now use this formula: Amps= Watts / Volts

For instance, if you have a 1-watt LED light rated for 120 volts, the amps would be: Amps = 1 Watt / 120 Volts

The answer will be mA or 0.008 amps. However, this formula works best for LEDs rated for 120 volts. If your LED light is rated for a different voltage, you will need a different formula to calculate the current draw.

How Many Amps Do LED Lights Draw

How Many Amps Do LED Lights Draw?

The number of amps a LED light draws depends on the voltage of your home’s electrical system and the bulb’s wattage. On average, 15W and 9W LEDs use 0.125A and 0.075A, respectively. Generally, LED lights consume up to 80% less power than traditional incandescent bulbs, meaning the amperage draw is lower than the traditional lights.

Reasons Why You Should Know How Many Amps LED Lights Draw

To Ensure Compatibility

When replacing traditional bulbs with their LED counterparts, you should ensure that they work with your light fixtures. The best way to do this is to check the amps they draw. You will also need to replace your fixtures if they are not compatible.

For Troubleshooting Your LED Lights

If your LEDs are not working or flickering, ensure you check how many amps they draw. This information will help you determine whether the fixtures or bulbs are an issue. Additionally, this information will help you understand how the system works and find the main cause of the problem.

To Avoid Overloading Your Circuits

Another crucial reason to determine how many amps your LEDs draw is to avoid overloading your circuits. If you aren’t sure how much power your LEDs will use, it is important to check the amps. This information will help you avoid costly downtime and repairs.

To Calculate Energy Savings

LEDs are more energy-efficient compared to traditional incandescent lights. One of the best ways to determine your potential energy savings is to calculate how many amps your LEDs draw. This will help you understand your potential savings and make wise decisions about your lighting.

To Determine Your Lighting Needs

When planning your lighting, it’s crucial to consider how many amps your LEDs will draw. This will help you to determine the right number of bulbs and fixtures for your needs. It will also help you make decisions about your lighting and understand your energy usage.

To Select the Right Size Fuse

If you’re using LED in a circuit with a fuse, choosing the right size fuse is a wise decision. The wrong-size fuse can start a fire or even cause your lights to fail. To prevent this, ensure you check the amps your LED lights draw and choose a fuse rated for the amount of power.

To Save Money on Your Electric Bill

LEDs are more energy-efficient compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. This will help you save money on your electric bill. One way to determine your potential savings is to check how many amperes your LEDs draw. This will help you understand your potential savings and make a decision about your lighting.


Does Distance Affect the Amps?

Absolutely. Every electrical line comes with some amount of resistance. Therefore, the greater the resistance, the longer the wire. However, most consumers get concerned about the voltage drop instead of the amperage drop. Amperage drop describes the situation in which you lose some current you send because of the resistance encountered over long distances.

Do LED Lights Draw More Amps?

No. LEDs use much less power than their CFL or incandescent counterparts, but this depends on the brightness you’re looking for and the type of LED bulb.


LED lights are becoming a favorite choice for most homes across the globe. They are available in various sizes and shapes and can be used for various purposes. The amount of amps your LED bulbs draw is lower than traditional bulbs. However, the amperage draws depend on the specifications of your LED light bulbs, such as the voltage of your power source and wattage.

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