How to Decorate Home Without Spending Money

How to Decorate Home Without Spending Money

Having a place to call your home whether owner-occupied or rented is one of the soothing accomplishments you will ever achieve. However, this comes at a cost like mortgages for owners and monthly rent for tenants.

Regardless of whether you’re a tenant or homeowner, it’s always a good idea to keep your home looking good. And here now are some awesome tips that we’d like to share with you.

How to Decorate Home Without Spending Money

Decorate Your Home Without Money in 7 Easy Way

1. Make Use of the Dormant Fireplace

Create beautiful scenery by lighting candles of different colors inside a fireplace that is no longer used for its intended purpose.

You can also make your home clutter-free by making use of this idle fireplace as a storage space for things likes books, baskets, and shoes. A simple-spaced fireplace can save you a lot of space for other home activities without incurring any expense while at the same time ensuring the tidiness of the house.

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2. Go Natural with Organic Decoration

Natural fruits like lemon, oranges, bananas, and apples picked from an orchard when placed in a fruit basket on the counter top make a beautiful sight.

Also, when indoor plants, river rocks, and freshly cut flowers are stuck in a vase and strategically placed in the house makes everything look natural.

Kids can be involved in collecting such organic ingredients and make them enjoy the decoration themselves too. These can be picked from river beds without spending a coin.

3. Having Color Mix on Your Wall using pieces of wallpapers and old paints

This could range from the latest techniques like wallpapers or simply playing with wall paints to a suitable theme.

You can look around your store for old paint cans with a few liters of paint in them. Make use of these paints to give your home a new look.

On the other hand, a wallpaper which is mainly composed of cellulose is generally considered ecological and make very good bedrooms and dining area wall finishing free of any cost. Pieces of wallpapers from design stores can be gathered and amazing patterns be created.

4. Make Proper Use of Your Existing Furniture

By rearranging your furniture, moving them towards the center is believed to create a friendly setting. You can easily impress your guests with this setting.

Spaces created behind the seats can then be used for other decorative purposes like flower vases. The room will feel newer, decorated and more spacious with a little effort of rearranging the seats. This is all achieved without spending any money.

While doing the rearrangements, keep these rules in mind:-

  • Don’t push the furniture against the wall
  • Create a conversation area to allow people to communicate with each other without much strain
  • Consider the traffic flow in the house to avoid people tripping over
  • Size of the carpet or area rug should be large enough so that all the furniture in the room can rest on it
  • Coffee tables should be easily reached by arm form every sitting position
  • Furniture arrangements should not interfere with the lighting of the room

5. Proper Display of the Wares

You can make your home decorated without spending money by simply arranging your cutleries by their use and colors. You can do this on tabletops and counters. Get unique ceramic holders for frequently used items like salt, pepper powder, and sugar.

For the safety of your kitchen, kindly ensure:

  • Knives are stored away from the reach of children;
  • Never leave potholders near open flame;
  • Heavy wares must be placed somewhere low as a precaution against it toppling over.

6. Use of Photos to Decorate your Home without Spending Money

Dust off any old photos and hung them up in a designated area of the home and see your home decorated without spending any money.

You can get creative by proudly placing the framed photos on the bookshelves, tables as well as hanging them on the living room walls. Pictures help in space personalization.

After setting up these photos, invite a genuine friend over and ask them these questions:-

  • Do the color and texture of the photos blend well?
  • Does it feel natural and decorative?

If both answers are yes then you must start working towards becoming a professional interior designer.

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7. Give Your Curtains and Bedding a New Look

Do some decorative embroidery on the borders of pillows, sheets, and curtains or even on the mattress side to make them look more elegant. Pick a readily available ribbon and do hatchet orange or lemon split patterns on your kitchen window curtain and see instant happiness.

As for bedding, if you have reversible duvet covers that provide you with two options, you can have a different look to your bedding every two days without spending any money.

Cushions are also essential for a stylish bed. If you already have several pieces of different colors, shapes, and designs, you can mix these in different looks and displays to give your bedroom glamour.

Also, by doing a decorative cover for a pillow normally called a pillow sham you will provide some contrast to your bedding making your bedroom decorated without spending money


Simple decorative make-over of a home without spending any coin requires a little creativity and determination to make your home a comfortable place to be. All that is needed is just time to invest to get some quality and elegant home outlook without spending any money.

Most of these can be purely fun to do and you will just be doing them from the comfort of your home.

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