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How To Install LED Lights in Car Exterior

One of the less-known but impressive places where LED lights can be utilized is in your car exterior.

If you’re looking for an easy way to customize your car, installing LED lights is a great way to give your car an awesome custom glow. LED lights can make your car look cool and create a futuristic feel.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install LED lights in the car exterior.

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Required Tools:

  • LED lights
  • Small Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Wire strippers/cutters
  • Scissors
  • Soldering iron or solder
  • Double-sided tape
  • Zip ties
  • Drill with drill bits of different sizes

How To Install LED Lights in Car Exterior (Steps)

Gather all the required tools

How To Install LED Lights in Car Exterior

Gather all the materials and tools needed for installation. Start by removing the body panels you will be working on to create sufficient space. It is advisable to remove any sound-reducing materials or exhaust systems to help you follow instructions easily.

Ensure you are familiar with all safety precautions because working with these lights can be quite dangerous if misused. Before the installation, ensure you use a washcloth to gently remove any mud or dirt so your LED strips won’t be dirty.

Purchase the correct LED lights for your vehicle

Look for LED lights designed and manufactured to suit your illumination needs. Ensure you select a color that meets your needs and desires. Although LED lights cost more than traditional incandescent options, ordering your LED lights online may save you a few dollars.

Locate the available power sources

Use the wiring diagram for your car to identify the negative and positive wires you need to run power from the battery to the LED lights. The most efficient way to power the lights is by using the fuse box, usually located under the driver-side footwell. Ensure you connect the lights to a power source that is easily accessible. A cigarette lighter port is a great option for most car enthusiasts.

Drill holes for the wiring harness

Drill holes in places you would want to mount LED lights in your car. Ensure you don’t drill onto the car’s plastic and stick to the metallic parts. Use a drill bit larger than the LED lights’ size to ensure they fit tightly without moving around during installation.

If you use a smaller drill bit to create more room for your light to move around, be cautious not to drill big holes that can allow moisture or water into your car.

Connect the wiring and secure the lights

Once satisfied with the drilled holes where your LED lights will be installed, run your wires through the holes. Use the wire strippers to remove extra insulation from the cables to ensure they can easily pass through these holes. Insert them one at a time and ensure that no wire is caught anywhere along the route.

With your lights and wires ready, it’s time to combine them. Make sure all the wiring for each LED light is well connected before you proceed to the next step so that you don’t leave loose strands hanging around. Use hot glue or electric tape to seal gaps where these wires meet each other.

Connect the negative and positive cables to their proper LED lights and ensure they snap onto the place tightly.

Test the lights and enjoy the new look

After installing your LED lights, you can plug them directly into your car battery to test if they are working. LED lights will brighten up all dark areas of your car that need some lighting.

However, these lights are very bright, so ensure you have no issues with such brightness before using them in your car. If the LED lights are working and you’ve confirmed everything is safe, you can enjoy your ride in a well-lit car.


Can you put LED lights on the outside of your car?

LED lights can be used on your car’s interior and exterior. These lights are a great way to add personality to your car and make it stand out from the rest.

What are LEDs under a car called?

The LED lights under a car are referred to as underglow or ground effects lighting. They are attached to the underside of the chassis to help illuminate the ground underneath the car. Underglow is designed to add aesthetic appeal to your car.


Installing LED lights in your car exterior is quite easy. There are various types of LED lights that can suit any need depending on how and where they are installed. Follow the above tips to ensure the installation is as smooth as possible.

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