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How To Keep LED Lights from Falling

LED lights can keep falling, especially if not installed properly. This can be dangerous and frustrating, as falling LED lights can cause accidents. But how can you keep LED lights from falling?

In this post, we will provide some simple tips and tricks on how to keep your LED lights securely in place and prevent them from falling.

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Why do LED lights keep falling off?

Unevenness or Dust on the Surface

How To Keep LED Lights from Falling

One of the main reasons LED lights keep falling off is that the surface on which it is installed is uneven or dusty. If you install a LED light on a rough or dusty surface, the lights won’t stick and may even short out.

Chemical Repels

Some LED lights come with adhesive on the backside designed to prevent wear and tear and act as water resistance. However, when used severally, the adhesive can build up, and too much chemical can destroy the adhesive, making the LED lights fall.

Water Damage

If your LED lights are installed in an area where they might encounter water, the water will interfere with the stickiness of the 3M double-sided tape, making your light fall. Wet places will also make the LED lights fall.

Overheating Issues

Since LEDs are semiconductors, they are prone to overheat. If your lights are close to each other and the space is poorly ventilated, they will overheat. The heat generated can make the LED lights short out or fall off.

Wire Problem

Your LED lights will have wires at the ends. If the wires are too long, the weight of the wire will be in excess. If the wires are not installed properly, the wire will fall, which will pull down the LED lights.

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How To Keep LED Lights from Falling

Are you tired of your LED lights falling out of place or not staying secure on your vehicle? If so, follow the tips below:

Secure the lights with clips

Fixing clips is a great way to prevent your LED lights from falling. Attach the LED strip to the mounting surface with clips and screws. However, you will need a mounting surface that supports screwing.

Apply a sticky adhesive

You can use a sticky adhesive, such as 3M double-sided tapes, and follow the right instructions to install it correctly. This method will minimize the chance of your LED lights falling off.

Use a hot glue gun

You can use hot glue to attach your LED lights depending on the thickness of the base material. Hot glue doesn’t have harsh chemicals, meaning it is safe and won’t damage your LED strips. However, you need to watch the temperature of the hot glue. If it’s too hot, it can melt your LED strip.

Corner Connector

The corners and edges of the LED lights are the ones that start to fall off. If you bend the strip at a 90-degree angle, it will fall off faster. You can cut the strip and buy LED strip connectors to solve this issue.

Clean the Surface

Before installing your LED lights, ensure you clean the surface because dirt and dust on your surface will greatly reduce the adhesion of the 3m double-sided tape. You can dampen a piece of cloth with rubbing alcohol and rub it back and forth until the surface is clean. Dry with a paper towel or a lint-free rag.


Can I put tacks in my LED lights?

Yes, you can use tacks to help set up your LED lights before you use adhesives to install them on your surface. Although you can use tacks, they can easily break the surface of the LED light, which can cause a short circuit or water damage. Look for other ways to install your LED lights to give you a long-lasting and professional result.

How do you stick LED strip lights to the ceiling?

– Measure your room’s ceiling’s perimeter, including the turns and corners along the way.
– Make sure you measure the distance from your power source if it has a short wire. Ensure your power outlet is close to the LED strip reel to avoid wastage or extra wiring.
– To ensure the LED lights last longer, your space should be well-ventilated with airflow.
– After checking that you have good heat dissipation, it’s time to stick it all up! Some high-end LED lights have built-in adhesives on the back that you can peel and stick. Peel the adhesive and stick it on your ceiling.


Understanding how to keep your LED lights from falling off after installation is important. Follow the above steps and ensure that the adhesive is attached correctly, and use the included clips for a more secure setup.

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