Is a Water Level More Accurate Than a Laser Level? Expert Response

Is a Water Level More Accurate Than a Laser Level

Deciding on what type of level to use in different constructions can be vital when you want efficiency. Let us look at why you need to make the right choice between water level and Laser Level.

What is Water Level and Laser Level?

Water and Laser levels are essential tools in constructions from the foundation to the finishing of a house.

A laser level is the most recent invention of this leveling technology. It has led to many contractors preferring it over the ancient water level.

Although they different at their capacities, you can apply a water level if a laser level is not suitable. For example, a laser level is not ideal around obstacles. Let us look at them in details.

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Is a Water Level More Accurate Than a Laser Level

Water Levels

They are the most common since they are traced back from the ancient era in constructions. You can construct them easily since you only require a tube, preferably plastic one which you fill with water or any other liquid.

It is simple and easy to apply water levels due to its reliance on gravity and level of water that will be flat the moment it is on a flat surface.

This type of level does not depend on the degree (degree dependent). This makes it effective because it is flexible, with the content inside of the tube always finding a level point.

Advantages of Water Levels

  • It is very cheap compared to laser levels.
  • It’s mounting, and the building is very easy.
  • You can use it around obstacles.

Disadvantages of Water Levels

  • Compared to a laser level, it is not as accurate.
  • It takes a lot of time to set up.
  • It can only be applied on horizontal leveling.

Laser Levels

They give out laser beams used to indicate lines on a surface. You can find various types of laser beams which include; those that project vertical lines, horizontal lines, and those used in projecting more than one points on a particular surface.

A leveling function is inbuilt in these laser levels, but you will also find some that will need to be manually leveled out.

For them to be accurate, you will need to set them on a flat surface. This means that laser beams are degree dependent, unlike water lasers.

Laser beams are used in almost all types of construction, ranging from laying of foundations to interior jobs.

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Advantages of Laser levels

  • It is very accurate for short distances.
  • It can be used to give both vertical and horizontal projects.

Disadvantages of Laser Levels

  • It is not suitable for long distances.
  • It is costly compared to the water level.
  • It requires one to handle with care because of its fragility.

We have already discussed what they are all about. The water level is an excellent method when you have projects around the house. Blind leveling will highly prefer water level.

Alternatively, laser levels are used by professional contractors and builders because they are used to bringing about accuracy. It is a more improved type of level from the ancient water level, which is more efficient.

Therefore, the water level is not more accurate than a laser level. A laser level is more accurate than a water level.

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