5 Best Light Fixtures for Vaulted Ceilings 2023

Best Light Fixtures for Vaulted Ceiling

A vaulted ceilings is great for your home, and the extra space it provides will be even better if accompanied by the right light fixtures. The lighting comes in different designs, color shades, and brightness for a brilliant and aesthetic space.

Proper lighting makes your home warm and friendly, whether it’s all-natural or artificial. If you score the market for some light fixtures, the list is endless.

However, you may want to know if there are great brands out there, cost-friendly and specific to your style. Read on to find out our suggestions for the best light fixtures for your home.

Light Fixtures for Vaulted Ceilings: Comparison

Here’s a detailed review of some of the best light fixtures for vaulted ceilings, their designs, and illumination quality. It’s all summarized in a list for your quick glance. Here we go!

RankingProduct TableSpecial FeatureMaterial
1KSANA Gold Orb ChandelierDimmableMetal
2Bestlier Modern Pendant ChandelierInstant OnMetal, Crystal
3Kira Home WestonDimmer and Sloped Ceiling Compatible
4KSANA Farmhouse Drum Chandelier4 light socketsMetal
5Antilisha Modern Crystal ChandelierNot Dimmable 6000-6500K Cool color
Best Light Fixtures for Vaulted Ceiling

Now, you can choose the best light design depending on the height of your ceilings, the size of your room, the amount of light, and most importantly, the budget. Picking the right brand doesn’t have to give you a headache. We have our top picks compiled here.

1. KSANA Gold Orb Chandelier

This is a unique globe-like metal sphere chandelier, with 3 incandescent 30w bulbs that create a luxurious and elegance to your space. Plus, the strong iron frames have a fine gold touch, which creates a rich ambiance in your dining area, living room, and bedroom.

It’s easy to fix the lighting, and in most cases it is pre-assembled before delivery. We like the fact that it has a great design, and the illumination is as brilliant as you’ll need. However, it’s possible to adjust the settings to dimmer lights.


  • Great design
  • Easy installation
  • Strong gold iron frame
  • Durable


  • Dimmable switch and bulbs not included

2. Bestlier Modern Pendant Chandelier

This is the second product on our list. It comes with crystal clear glass incandescent silver or chrome bulbs, giving a shade of clear or transparent. If you need illumination of glitter then Bestlier Modern pendant will be an awesome pick.

We like it because it’s a great source of warm white and yellow, which is excellent for your living room and dining sections. In addition, it has a rich glamour which looks fabulous in a vaulted ceilings.


  • Great design
  • Value for money
  • Excellent illumination
  • Adjustable chain


  • Tedious to assemble
  • Crystal bulb shades may vary

3. Kira Home Weston 24’’ contemporary chandelier

You may want to find out what’s unique about this. Its one of a kind 5-light fixture covered with exquisite 5 alabaster shades for uniform light distribution and style décor.

On the other hand, the nickel color and the alabaster shades make the lighting more sophisticated. Besides, it’s a great inspiration for the kitchen, dining, and entryways with the highest ceilings.


  • Fabulous illumination
  • Great design
  • Simple to install
  • Well-packaged


  • Manual is complicated

4. KSANA Farmhouse Drum Chandelier

This is a great product for you if you need your kitchen and farmhouse to look authentic. It’s not only a great match for a house with wood ceilings, walls, and floors, but it’s also contemporary for the living and dining room areas, entryways, and bedroom of a modern house.

The chandelier has a bronze metallic drum style with a brushed wood grain finish. Plus, it has beautiful circular pendants within the drum structure. The creativity behind its design makes it suitable for contemporary styling purposes.

We like that it’s simple to install and comes pre-assembled. It also has a 10 ft cord extra unit which allows for height adjustability for an extremely high cathedral ceilings.


  • Fine bronze touch
  • Elegant
  • Pre-assembled at delivery
  • Simple to install


  • Heavy

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5. Antilisha Modern Crystal Chandelier

Antilisha Modern crystal chandelier is uniquely identified by a layer of its 3 hanging stainless steel rings. The ring lights can be modified to any shape (spherical, irregular mix or regular ring design) to give an elegant glitter.

This ceilings light is simple and classy, and with its cool white light, it’s a reflection of luxury, and definitely outstanding interior decoration. As such, it’s most suitable for girl’s bedrooms, formal dining, living areas, and ballrooms.


  • Chic and elegant design
  • Simple to install
  • Strong stainless steel spheres
  • Very affordable
  • High-quality lighting


  • Not dimmable

Buying Guide to Light Fixtures for Vaulted Ceilings

Proper lighting boosts and improves the overall style and elegance of a home. Moreover, it accentuates the looks and space created by the vaulted ceilings. However, to secure the best light fixtures in the market you need to need to consider the following factors:

Size of chandelier

You don’t want this light fixture that casts shadows from objects right? That means you have to go for the right size depending on how high or low your ceiling is set.

It’s also possible to choose on fixtures with adjustable heights for the convenience of where it will be situated, above dining tables, entryways, or living room.

Energy consumption

Chandeliers come with an array of illuminating bulbs, with a voltage range of 40-80 watts per bulb. It’s advisable to pick whichever uses low energy and is dimmable. A single light fixture consumes roughly 110-220 v.


It depends on whether your ceiling is sloping, slanted, high, or low. Creative designs will improve the appearance, style, and glamour of your vaulted ceilings. Consequently, the right lighting accentuates your interior decoration.

Height of vaulted ceilings

Not all lighting qualifies as the best for your space. Pendant lights are best suited for vaulted ceilings, considering their ability to adjust either up or down. Plus, it prevents shadows from being cast on walls.

Ease of installation

Moving on, you must consider how easy it may be to fix your lighting. For example, some come pre-assembled so that it takes you a few minutes to install. In addition, the best light fixture should have a user-friendly manual that’s easy to follow.

FAQs on Light Fixtures for Vaulted Ceilings

And now, we’d like to respond to some of the questions people often raise about light fixtures. Hopefully, you’ll find this section highly informative.

What is the best lighting for vaulted ceilings?

Pendant and track lights.

Pendant and track lights strike a rich balance with their various shades and color to give a luminous look to your space

How can I make my vaulted ceilings look better?

Paint your sealing with some flashy colors to accentuate the rustic look. Plus, adding some light fixtures illuminates your space and makes it more appealing.

Which Light Fixtures for Vaulted Ceilings is the Best?

Although all the above light fixtures are magnificent, our best pick is the KSANA Gold orb chandelier. We love its gold color, glamour and brilliant illumination. Plus, it comes pre-assembled so that its installation is super easy.

Of all our products, it’s very durable and the incandescent 40-watt bulbs are energy efficient.


Of all the lighting options for your vaulted ceilings, consider an energy-saving option with the right features that will give value to your money. Not only should it be glamorous and classy, but also with the best service and durability.

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