Modern Dusk to Dawn Lights for Outdoor in 2021

Barn lights are a great way to spice up your outdoor and ensure that you enjoy your evening in a warm and secure atmosphere. They come in various sizes, colors, and styles so that any modern house gets the rustic elegance and style of a farmhouse.

Barn lights are a necessity since an extensive homestead without proper lighting may turn out as a target for burglary, and other heinous crimes. But not to worry because it’s now easier to upgrade to better dusk to dawn barn lights, and securely stroll around your home at night.

If you happen to consider perfect lighting for your barn, we have some best dusk to dawn barn light outdoor options. Here are our top suggestions.

Best Dusk to Dawn Barn Light Outdoor

Comparison of best modern dusk to dawn outdoor lighting

We have a detailed summary of the ideal barn lights in the market today; however, you may want to check out some of the prices and top features from this comparison list for your informed decision-making.

RankingProduct NameVoltageWattage
1Lepower Dusk to Dawn LED Security Light120 Volts35 Watts
2TORCHSTAR Dusk To Dawn Area Light110-277 Volts40 Watts
3Superior Lighting LED Security Light120 Volts150w-300w
4CINOTON LED Barn Light110 Volts42 watts
5Bobcat LED Area Light
6Bbounder Light-pro 70 w 9800 LM120 Volts70 watts
7ZJOJO Led Outdoor Barn Light100-277 Volts35 watts
8SZGMJIA Led Barn Light110 Volts50 watts
9Kadision LED wall pack110 Volts60 watts
10LEONLITE 75 w LED Barn light100-277 Volts75 watts

Here are our top suggestions and we’ve issued our unbiased opinion about each product. Above all, we have a verdict on the best overall choice at the tail-end of this article.

1. Lepower Dusk to Dawn LED Security Light

Lepower led security light is a top-rated three-head flood light with low energy consumption (35 w) and 3500 lm illumination. It’s relatively brighter than most fluorescent lights with the same energy flow per lumen. The three heads are very adjustable to create a wide-angle of illumination (up to 270 degrees).

Another great thing about it is that it makes use of the photosensor technology and brings on the lights at dusk but at dawn, the lights go off automatically. Besides, the light head is adjustable to any direction of choice.


  • Energy saver
  • Aluminum casing hence waterproof
  • Adjustable to any direction
  • Great color consistency


  • Distance covered is limited

2. TORCHSTAR Dusk To Dawn Area Light

If you want an elegant and cool-lit yard, patio, or garden consider Torchstar floodlight for your lighting option. This 40w led barn light is efficient compared to the ordinary 400 w incandescent bulbs and produces a wide beam at 120degrees.

Also, it’s greatly designed with an aluminum casing so that it’s waterproof, corrosion, and heat resistant. You don’t have to worry about replacements any soon. Better still, it detects dusk to light up. Conversely, automatically detects dawn and goes off.

You only have to install them and enjoy your secure space.


  • Automated
  • Simple heat dissipation
  • DIY installation
  • Long life span up to 50000 hours


  • Illuminated distance limited

3. Superior Lighting LED Security Light

If you should consider a brilliant illumination for your barn, check out Superior Lighting. While it is an energy saver, it produces bright daylight white (4200 lm with 40-watt input) that’s perfect enough for your barn, garage, and parking space.

You can get this light with less than $50 which is a great benefit to reap for its long service.

We like it for the fact that it has automatic dusk to dawn mode and it has a long span of service. However, the photocell has to face north for the photosensor to work effectively. Other than that, you’ll love its great design and style which looks perfect for the outdoors.


  • Extremely bright
  • Energy-efficient per lumen output
  • Very durable
  • Mounting and installation is simple


  • No manual for installation

4. CINOTON LED Barn Light

If it’s all about style, CINOTON got you covered. Design and functionality are exemplary. It’s very convenient around backyards, parking lot, and barns.

From energy use, light quality, and overall performance, you may want to try this lighting as your number one option. It provides 4950 lm output against 42 w; this is far more efficient than 175w MH light.

Besides, the shade material is resistant to all weather conditions so that it’s manageable in the outdoors.


  • Aluminum alloy shade for durability
  • High output brightness
  • Clear installation instructions
  • Photosensor


  • No mounting arm for the extension bracket

5. Bobcat LED Area Light

Of all the barn lights, bobcat comes with this special technology of replaceable photocells, and all that for free with a 10-year warranty. It is super bright with a lumen output of 9500 lm and 80 w, photosensor technology, and can be mounted at 45ft high, to give a wide beam of light.

Contrary to most conventional barn lights, Bobcat cuts down electricity bills by 88%; this is relative to 200 w HID technologies.

We like the fact that it’s eco-friendly, and the five-year return policy is an assurance of its high quality and performance.


  • Faulty photo sensors are replaceable.
  • Wide beam ultra-bright light
  • Installation is straightforward
  • Energy saver
  • Excellent service


  • One or more photocells may be faulty sooner

6. Bbounder Light-pro 70 w 9800 LM

This barn light is perfect for street lighting, commercial area, or backyard lighting. The 5000K daylight white light is enough to keep muggers off the streets or unsolicited visitors from your yard. You can mount this light directly on a wall or by use of an extension arm (which you have to buy separately).

We appreciate the fact that its energy consumption is reasonably low and thus we highly recommend it. Besides that it’s pocket-friendly and you won’t cough up more than $55.


  • Clear installation procedure
  • Low energy costs
  • Extremely bright
  • Affordable


  • Dangerous to mount light higher

7. ZJOJO Led Outdoor Barn Light

This product of Zjojo has excellent features for an economy pack lighting that you may want to check out: 35 w led and 3750 lm high output which is bright enough to light up your garage, yard, or barn compared to 300 w incandescent lights.

Like the other barn lights, it has a photo sensor for the automatic on/off mode during dusk and dawn. Plus, you get value for the product and excellent service of more than a 50000-hour long lifespan.

Not forgetting, it saves you 70% of electricity than incandescent bulbs in terms of energy. We highly recommend it because it is budget-friendly.


  • Power saving
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Wide area coverage
  • Longer lifespan
  • High-quality daylight white


  • Photosensor quits working after sometime

8. SZGMJIA Led Barn Light

While SGMJIA led barn light is a 50-watt 6500 lm output, it makes use of the CREE led technology, so that it has one of the best color consistency in darker conditions. It’s most applicable at alleyways, parking lots, barns, and garages.

On the other hand, the dusk to dawn technology is automated at 110-277v AC, making it suitable for a large range of applications. Voltage instabilities do not affect it, so it’s energy-efficient. Moreover, at 120 degrees beam angle, it’s brighter than other barn lights with similar specs.


  • Perfect dusk to dawn mode
  • Simple to install
  • Aluminum body hence all-weather resistant
  • Lightweight
  • High color consistency


  • Pigtail wiring short

9. Kadision LED wall pack

Kadision LED is an excellent barn light for overall door lighting and commercial gates. It produces a cool white light of 7200 lm with 60 w input being a perfect replacement for 300 w MH lighting and cuts down energy consumption by 80%.

Contrary to most of these barn lights, it’s well protected inside a J-box and not a target for direct damage. Like most barn lights, it’s triggered by dusk/dawn to light up and switch off.

The light beam is wide enough and covers up to 150 ft from the depth of the walls.


  • Low energy costs
  • Cost-friendly
  • Perfect cool white light
  • Great floodlight up to 150 ft away


  • Some photocells may die out

10. LEONLITE 75 w LED Barn light

Your choice of a design can make a big difference. LEONLITE 75 w led comes with a great arch for attachment of the shade. On the other hand, its energy efficiency is 87.5% better than a 600 w incandescent light, so you can save a great deal on electricity costs.

We like that it produces a wider beam and has the IP65 rating for dust, water, and corrosion-resistant. Better still, it’s within an affordable range for any budget.


  • Great arch design
  • Brilliant illumination
  • A wider beam of light
  • Very durable
  • Energy-efficient


  • Some customers complain about leakage into the lens
  • Thin upper gasket

What Factors to Consider Before Buy?

When your yard is properly lit, you have all the security, comfort, convenience, and overall beauty of your space as a package. However, that only happens if you choose the right barn light. Consider the following factors:

Size of barn light

Barn lights come in various sizes. You should choose the right size depending on how high it is from a ceiling, wall, or floor. Large barn lights are better off a bit higher (up to 40 ft) off the ground than smaller ones.

Height of wall/ mounting poles

Some lights give their best floodlights at higher walls or poles than when a few feet off the wall depth. This depends on the beam angle for each specific barn light.

A wide beam lights a few feet further away when mounted at the right height.

Style of shade

If you prefer barn lights for aesthetic value, then you have to make your choice based on the color, finish, and arch design. A metallic black finish is associated with a modern style décor compared to other less metallic colors.

You may also choose pendants with straight cords or gooseneck design. It all depends on the outdoor location: above main doors, or entryways, or yards.

Shading material

Most barn shades are aluminum or plastic-cased, so that they are heat and water-resistant. Also, these materials have great heat dissipation, so the barn lights shouldn’t overheat.

The shading material should be strong enough and durable to maintain the lights in a better working condition.

Cost of installation

Consider a light fixture whose installation costs do not override the buying price. You should go for a light that’s well-accessorized and simple to fix. A well-accessorized kit should have all the screws, nuts, cords, and wiring necessary to avoid extra overhead installation charges.


In this section, we respond to some of the queries posed about the best barn lights and their functionality. Let’s dive in:

What is the best dusk to dawn light bulb?

ZJOJO led 35 w 3750 lm outdoor barn light. It is very affordable at $26 and comes with all other features of an energy-saving barn light. Kindly, don’t compare its energy use to the conventional incandescent bulb. It’s also very durable with up to 50000 hours of service.

How many lumens do I need for a yard light?

Most of these pendant and gooseneck LED lights fall in the range of 2800-10000 lumens. The higher the lumen output the better.

Can you turn off dusk to dawn lights?

since most have the photosensors, there’s no need to worry about their control. They are automated so that they switch on automatically at dusk, and conversely switch off at dawn. However, some have timers and can be automated to work according to your settings.

Which One is the Overall Best

All the products reviewed in this write-up are the best quality you can find. However, Lepower Dusk to Dawn security light is our top pick above all.  The 3-head flood light covers an extensive range, but still maintains a low wattage of 35w.

Plus, its illumination is of high quality and the colors are distinguishable. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to secure this barn light because it’s quite affordable.


Most best-selling dusk to dawn barn lights are now equipped with various techniques to make your lighting experience better. You don’t have to mind about the cost because they are budget-friendly.

With the right light fixture, keep intruders off your farm and homestead.

Enjoy the security, style, and convenience of dusk to dawn barn lights and reduce your re-lamping costs.

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