7 Best Outdoor Sport Court Lighting 2023 [LED Flood Lights]

Best Outdoor Sport Court Lighting

If you are familiar with any sports court, you’ll agree that it’s always designed to accommodate lots of people. Apart from the natural lighting, artificial lights improve the overall décor and environment for both players and spectators.

With the right lighting in place, it’s easier to make a fair judgment for the referee and other observers. Not forgetting, the players too enjoy and participate without a lot of strain on their eyes. And most important, the TV airing channels will do a great job for the away-fans.

However, you need the right light fixtures to achieve this. So to make an informed decision, you may want to check some of the best outdoor sport court lighting available out there. Have a look!

Top-Rated Sports Court Lighting for Outdoor Use: Top 7 List

In this section, we give a detailed overview of the perfect sport court lighting. However, if you won’t read with us to the end, have a glance at our quick comparison table.

RankingProduct NameSpecial FeatureWattage
1LEPOWER 2Pack 100 W LED FloodlightEnergy Saving, Not Dimmable150 Watt
2Onforu 2 Pack 100 W Led FloodlightEnergy Saving, Instant On100 Watt
3Onforu 2 Pack 50 W LED FloodlightWaterproof, Dustproof, Tempered-Glass600 watt
4STASUN 300W LED FloodlightEnergy Saving, Instant On, Not Dimmable100 Watt
5LEPOWER 150 led FloodlightInstant On, Shock and vibration resistant100 watts
6LEPOWER 100 w Led floodlightShock and vibration resistant, 180° Adjustable50 watts
7SOLLA 600 W Led FloodlightShatter resistant, Instant On300 Watt
Best Outdoor Sport Court Lighting

Best 7 Outdoor Sports Court LED Flood Lights

Sport court lighting varies for each sport. If you are on a football field, for example, your lighting needs vary compared to that for a basketball pitch. Let’s walk you through some of our top suggestions for outdoor sports court lighting that you may want to consider.

1. LEPOWER 2Pack 100 W LED Floodlight

If you are looking for high-quality and energy-efficient light for your sport court, then this is an excellent choice for you. This floodlight produces up to 10000 lumens output and a 5000k white light.

On the other hand, you get to save a lot on energy costs since 100 w comfortably replaces an equivalent of 500 w halogen bulb. That’s at least an 80% reduction in energy costs. You can efficiently plug it in and with its on/off switch make sure that your garage, lawn, or yard is properly lit at all times.


  • Ip66 rating for water resistance and durability
  • Brilliant white light
  • Energy efficient
  • Simple to install at any angle


  • Short plug-in cord

2. Onforu 2 Pack 100 W Led Floodlight

Another excellent source of great illumination is the Onforu floodlight. It produces ultra-bright 5000 K daylight white for your playground, yard, and garden. It’s also protected against too much glare so that it’s safe for your eyes and perfect for playgrounds.

Besides, installation involves simple wiring, so that it’s mounted on the ceiling, walls, or ground. All you need is to adjust the light brackets to the desired 120 degrees angle and you are all set. We like it because it’s IP66 waterproof and resistant to overheating. Consequently, you are assured of 50000 hours of service.


  • Efficient cooling system
  • DIY installation
  • Anti-glare
  • Suitable in all-weather conditions
  • Very affordable
  • Suitable in all-weather conditions


  • Lens no longer made of glass
  • Observed leakages into the lens

3. Onforu 2 Pack 50 W LED Floodlight

When you are conscious about your electricity bills, one excellent outdoor light to consider is the Onforu 50 w floodlight. It’s not only an energy saver but also a perfect replacement for the 350 w conventional halogen bulbs.

We like that it produces an ultra-bright light and for the longest time possible. It’s also protected by an aluminum housing, which makes it all-weather resistant, not forgetting, it has an efficient heat dissipation system. You don’t have to worry about overheating.


  • Bright and energy efficient
  • Waterproof and suitable for all-weather conditions
  • Budget-friendly
  • High color contrast


  • Leakage during the rainy season

4. STASUN 300W LED Floodlight

When you need some perfect lighting for commercial purposes, STASUN floodlight will be a great choice. With its triple-head, this lighting can cover as far as 330 degrees wide. STASUN brings daylight into your night with a 27000 lm and 300 w energy input.

What’s more, it’s powered by OSRAM led technology to give you high brightness and is highly recommended for security lights. Besides, it can be installed depending on a flexible height and would still cover a reasonable area. These lights are spectacular for stadiums, yards, and parking lots, and driveways.


  • Super bright
  • Energy efficient
  • Wide area coverage
  • OSRAM led technology
  • Long lifespan of more than 50000 hours


  • Heads not very flexible

5. LEPOWER 150 led Floodlight

This floodlight comes with 150 w energy consumption and 11000 lm output to produce a super bright light. You will love its price, and considering the design and quality of service, it’s worth every dime. The lights are delivered in a pack of two for less than $100.

On the other hand, the high-quality illumination is a result of LED lamp bead technology and most customers agree with its excellent quality. Plus, they don’t overheat because of an effective cooling system. Besides, they are easy to install and position with their flexible brackets.


  • Waterproof and heat-resistant
  • Super bright illumination
  • No shadows formed and also anti-glare
  • Simple installation procedure


  • Tend to be warm after hours of lighting

6. LEPOWER 100 w Led floodlight

This product of LEPOWER is of superior quality. it comes with 100 w input and 8000lm illumination. It produces 6000 K of bright white light. You cannot compare its functionality to 500 w halogen bulbs. It’s a perfect energy saver and cuts your electricity costs by 80%.

What’s more, it produces a 120 degrees beam, no shadow, and it’s glare-friendly to your eyes. The floodlight is also made up of a strong, durable aluminum casing, heat, water, and corrosion resistance. But most importantly, you are assured of the longest hours of service with minimal electricity bills.


  • Energy saver
  • 6000 K bright light
  • Ip66 waterproof
  • Very durable
  • Functional cooling system


  • Warm after hours of lighting

7. SOLLA 600 W Led Floodlight

The last on our list is SOLLA Led floodlight. It produces a wide beam of up to 140 degrees, which is excellent for lighting up a garden, villa, streetlights, or even stadiums. You may want to try this since it’s very energy efficient compared to an equivalent 3300 w halogen light.

On the other hand, led chip arrays are wide enough to reduce heat concentration and are coupled with a fin-like sink for faster cooling. What’s even better is that it produces quality daylight white of 6000 k and, will probably last you more than 50000 hours of service.


  • Ultra-bright
  • Power saving
  • Lights a reasonably extensive area
  • Durable housing
  • IP66 rated with water and dust-proof


  • Thin mounting brackets that easily bend

How to Choose the Best Lights For Outdoor Sports Court

Having your favorite sport in mind, you will know exactly what to go for. But assuming you may not have a specific light to choose from, consider the following factors:


The light quality matters a lot during the night games. However, it should be reasonably bright so that the eyes of players, jury, and spectators are not irritated in any way. Some lights come with the anti-glare feature so that you don’t have to strain as you watch your matches either live or broadcast.

High-quality illumination

The illumination for various sports differs, but when it comes to quality, 10000 lumens and above is necessary to light your court to detail. Also, some lights may cast unnecessary shadows that may send a confusing signal to the players, hence watch out for customer reviews on the specific one before buying.


Not all high-priced products are quality. You should carry out detailed market research on the various outdoor lighting before you settle on the best.

Size of court

Consider the measurements of your playground before you decide on the best floodlight. Most experts suggest that 50 lumens should cover 1ft x 1ft for efficient lighting. Going by this measurement, it should be easy to decide the type and number of lights that you may need.

Common Questions Asked About Sport Court Lighting

In this section, we respond to frequently asked questions about the features of the best-selling outdoor sport court lighting. Let’s dive in:

How many lumens should an outside light be?

an outdoor light can be as low as 3000 lm which is bright enough to create a wide beam angle to light a yard.

Is 200 lumens bright enough?

200 lumens is bright enough depending on the size of your room. Led lights with 200 lm tend to be brighter than the traditional halogen bulbs with the same output.

Is 3000 lumens too bright?

3000 lumens is bright enough if your main application is in the parking lots, garage, and yards. If used indoors, you might be susceptible to eye irritation.

Which is Best?

All our products are quality and the best in the market. However, LEPOWER 2 pack 100 w led floodlight is our best pick. It’s highly energy-efficient, very affordable and you are assured of durability.

Also, it can be installed at any angle and is very flexible. And don’t forget that its light quality is perfect for that price.


Relevant sports lighting will save you from rescheduling activities to daytime only. You may not notice, but when all the groups are satisfied, you end up with successful events.

You also get to enjoy your sport as a spectator when the right passes are made.

Co-ordination is dependent on the right lights for your court or stadium.

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