Soffit Lighting: What You Need to Keep in Mind

Soffit Lighting

The lighting industry is constantly evolving, and every day we are being fed with new inventions. An excellent example of the emerging trends in this sector is soffit lighting which is pretty popular due to the way it lights up a household’s architecture.

But are these lights as perfect as they are portrayed to be? And if they have flaws, how can you improve them? If these issues have been a bother, you are in the right place. We will point out its key aspects so that you know what you are dealing with.

Soffit Lighting

Issues With Soffit Lighting

We have already pointed out that the main reason people invest in this type of lighting is the way they help bring out your architectural design. This implies that it is very bright, but it does not mean that the lighting works for everyone.

Here are some of the common problems that come with this lighting and how you can fix them:

I) Too Much Glare

One aspect of Soffit lights is their extreme brightness, which may be more than we need for our homes. This is especially manifested in the dark, where the phenomenon known as the spaceship effect comes into play.

You can deal with this issue via a dimmer control feature which will be of great help and play a significant role in reducing the glare. With this feature, you can adjust your fixture’s brightness to the levels you are most comfortable with.

In the end, you’ll notice your architecture being even more eye-catching than before.

II) The Wrong Color Temperature

Let’s remind you that a color temperature of 2700K is warmer while 3500K feels cooler. So, the 5500K by Soffit Lightings is, as you have guessed, pretty cold and may give your home an unwanted blue color.

However, we do not entirely disregard the color temperature as it can bring out a fantastic look in contemporary homes. The only thing is that if the lights look out of place, your home will have an odd appearance which you won’t appreciate.

The solution? Adjust the Kelvin Temperature to a level that will give your home a warmer look.

III) Clashing with the Entryway Lights

At times, you may find the Soffit lighting at odds with the entryway lighting, which may give your home an odd look that your neighbors will surely notice. So, ensure that there is no color mismatch between the two areas if you want to get the best from the lights.

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Final Word

If used well, you can rest assured that Soffit lights will make your house stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. The fixtures will bring out the best of your architectural landscape, plus they will be comfortable for your eyes.

We have highlighted some of its disadvantages so that you can deal with it in good time and fulfill the original intention of installing the lighting unit.

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