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How to Use a Laser Level for Hanging Pictures

Are you tired of unevenly spaced pictures on your walls? A laser level can help you achieve straight, professional-looking results when hanging pictures. In this post, I will go over the basics of how to use a laser level for hanging pictures. I will also cover how to set up the laser, mark the points on the wall, and hang the pictures.

Firstly, you have to make a decision concerning what images you will hang on your wall; the sizing of the hangings; the laser level to use; and also make the most important decision of which points on your walls you will want to place your hangings.

How to Use a Laser Level for Hanging Pictures

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What Is Important When Wall Hanging

Although wall hanging seems to be a simple task, it can present a lot of frustration – even if you have done it before. The main task involves being accurate by placing the pictures in a straight and leveled line (not a slanting level).

The good thing is that we have many gadgets some of which can double up to perform other tasks. In this case, when wall hanging, you need a Laser Level. Ideally, laser levels are used for construction and survey work.

They work by projecting a beam. They are usually placed on a tripod, to project a beam horizontally or vertically.

Determining the Height of a Picture

If you have kids, then you want your wall hanging to be as high as possible because kids will take it off. You also do not want the pictures to be high. You want them to be within a height you can reach because you will be wiping the dust off the pictures occasionally when doing regular cleaning of your house.

How to Hang the Picture

There are many determinants of how you will finally hang the picture. It depends on the wall material, the size of the picture you will be hanging and the hanging options that are designed with the picture.

But whatever hanging option you will use, you still need a straight line to ensure that your picture is presentable. A laser level will help you place all your wall hangings in a straight line.

How to Use Laser Level

For precision leveling, you can use laser levels for mounting pictures on a wall. A laser level can help you in hanging rows of many pictures on the wall easily and you can use it for doing a gallery.

Laser levels are ideal tools for picture hanging because they are designed to be hands-free, making it hassle-free to use them. Laser levels give an accurate line measurement. You then use the line provided by the laser level to align your pictures by accurately marking the spots where the picture will be hung.

Features of Laser Levels

The features in a laser level make it a perfect tool for this job. Laser levels are easy to operate, and some of them are button operated. Most laser levels have a ruler, a class II laser, sliding stops, and a stud finder.

Worth noting is that there are different brands of laser walls and they boast different features. Some have interesting shapes… I came across one with a mouse shape. Other tools you will need to do your job effectively include a hammer, drill, nails, pencil, tripod, and tape measure.

If you will be using nails to hang the pictures, then make sure that you buy strong enough nails that hold the weight of the picture.

Safety Measures When Using Laser Levels

Laser levels have a liquid in the bubble vials which is poisonous. In this regard, keep the device away from your children and pets. Secondly never let the beam get into your eyes by either pointing it or looking into the laser beam. The laser beam causes blindness which is irreversible.

Wall Hanging Using a Laser Level

how to use a laser level to hang pictures

Therefore, after buying the laser level and all the items you need for the wall-hanging task, here is how to use the laser level. First, decide the point where you want to hang the wall hanging.

Use a tape measure to do this, it will help in determining the height of the wall hanging. Then mark the point with a pencil. Just mark one point, the laser level will help you in marking the second point for placing your picture with its laser beam.

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Mount the Laser Level

Next, mount the laser level. Some are wall mountable and some are mounted on a tripod. If you don’t have a tripod, you can use a table or any other piece of furniture to mount it.

Then turn on the laser lever. Some laser levels are self-leveling, if it is a manual laser level, then adjust it accordingly until you have achieved the level of accuracy required.

Mark the Second Spot with the Laser Level

Now switch it on and now shoot the laser beam on your wall, to align with the pencil spot that you had marked on the wall. The first pencil point is where you will place the first nail. If you are not using nails to hang your pictures, you will use the marked point to align with one corner of your wall hanging.

You are using the laser level to help you to know where to accurately place the second point on the wall. The laser beam will provide you with a straight line that aligns with the marked pencil spot on the wall. Now take the wall hanging and place it against the laser beam line.

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Moving On

Place the hanging on the wall as if you are hanging it, with one corner placed at the spot where you have marked it with a pencil. Using a pencil, mark the other corner of the wall hanging where you will place the second nail.

Alternatively, you can use a tape measure. Get the dimensions of the picture and use them to mark the second spot using the laser beam on the wall. Mark a second spot where the picture will be placed using the picture dimensions.

You now have two marked spots on the wall where the two bottom corners of your wall hanging will be placed. You can repeat the process for all the wall hangings you have.

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Hang Your Pictures

Now drill nails at the two spots marked on the wall. You can use a hammer or power drill to do this. Ensure that the nail is securely fixed on the wall before placing the picture on the two nails.

If the nails are not well fixed, the picture will fall. You do not want to risk breaking your beautiful picture. You can now hang your picture. And if you are not using nails, hang the pictures accordingly.

Empty walls are dull and the only way to add life to them is by placing wall pictures.

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Best laser levels for hanging pictures

There are several good options for laser levels that can help you hang pictures evenly on the wall.

The following are a few factors to consider when buying a laser level:

  1. Laser type: There are two main types of lasers used in laser levels: line lasers and dot lasers. Line lasers project a straight line across the surface, which can be useful for hanging multiple pictures in a row. Dot lasers project a single dot, which can be helpful for hanging a single picture or for marking specific points on the wall.
  2. Accuracy: Look for a laser level with a high level of accuracy, as this will help ensure that your pictures are straight and evenly spaced.
  3. Battery life: If you plan on using your laser level for longer periods of time, consider one with long battery life.
  4. Durability: Choose a laser level that is durable and can withstand accidental drops or rough handling.

Some popular laser levels for hanging pictures include the Bosch GLL 3-80, the BLACK+DECKER Laser Level (BDL220S), and the Stabila LD 520. It’s always a good idea to read reviews and compare features to find the laser level that best meets your needs.

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