What Are Barn Lights? Where Should Barn Lights Be Placed?

What Are Barn Lights

Over the past few years, barn lights have been a trending topic in the lighting world. As time has gone by, more research has been done on these fixtures, making their features and benefits more evident to the public.

This begs the question:

What are barn lights?

Why should I invest in them?

Where should they be placed?

If you find yourself asking any of the above questions, you have come to the right place as this article shall tell you all you need to know regarding these lights.

Here is our detailed discussion.

What Are Barn Lights

What Are Barn Lights?

In simple terms, this is a downward-facing light fixture characterized by a simple and wide shade. The light could either be a pendant-style fixture hanging down the inside of a room or attached to a wall with an extruding gooseneck arm.

These lights use a Reflector Luminaire Manufacturer (RLM) style. Which involves using a reflective surface inside the barn shade to boost the light’s brightness. And the radius lit up under the fixture.

The fixtures are manufactured from materials that make them suited for outdoor use.

For example, maybe sturdy powder-coated aluminum are used for weather resistance or porcelain enamel to give a unique old-fashioned look.

Where Should The Lights Be Placed?

There are various locations where barn lights could prove useful. These include the workshop, garage, driveway, or in an actual barn. Whichever use that you put the light, ensure that you place it high enough so that the light can shine over the area downwards.

Barn lights could also be used in indoor settings such as rustic bathrooms and country kitchens. Additionally, you could get creative and use barn sconces to frame the master bed or add task lighting to the study.

Types of Barn Lights

We have already mentioned that there are different options of barn lights that you could make use of. Let’s look at them in-depth.

Gooseneck Barn Lights

As you may have guessed, this type is characterized by a curved arm that extends the shade from the wall to light up the surfaces below. This makes it ideal for large areas such as warehouses, entryways, and over garage doors.

Pendant Barn Lights

Next up are lights mainly used in interior settings as they often hang on a braided cord. You could use them outdoors if you pair them with a down-rod to secure them from strong winds. And sealing them to protect them from wet conditions.

Sign Lights

They feature a swivel joint to allow for a 180-degree arch rotation. Sign lights are often paired with a gooseneck arm to allow the shade to rotate away or towards a wall.

Barn Light Post Lamps

Here, we have lights designed to provide a polished look throughout the area it is illuminating due to the variety of shade styles and colors they bring.

The lights are often attached to 8-10 feet tall posts to provide sufficient lighting for open spaces such as parking lots, gardens, parks, and walkways.

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Barn Light Sconces

These are similar to gooseneck lights, only that the arm is shorter. This makes them perfect for smaller areas and rooms, and they require a smaller shade so that they do not hit the wall during installation.

Closing Remark

Now that you know what barn lights are all about, you can now check out the leading brands so that you can find the right item to suit your needs.

What we can tell you is that this is an investment you are unlikely to regret going for as it will provide the required lighting without producing too much heat or driving the energy costs up.

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