What Size Light Bar for Jeep XJ?

What Size Light Bar for Jeep XJ

Isn’t it great that you don’t have to live with your Jeep XJ in its original form from the market?

By this, we mean that you can customize the truck until it matches your unique preferences. Due to its off-roading duties, one of the areas that you may make additions to is the lighting, where you will install a light bar.

However, before you choose a particular model of this unit, there are several factors that should guide you. These include the build quality, lumen count, size and brand.

In this piece, we shall focus on the size and tell you the length that is compatible with your truck.

Finding the Lighting Unit of the Right Size for your Jeep XJ

These lighting units are available in the market in different lengths, and you should know its (length’s) importance. Since the number of chips that the bar can accommodate varies with the length, the size will affect its light intensity.

In addition to that, you have to think about how strong your truck’s lamp holder is to be sure that it can support the accessory the way it should.

With that in mind, we recommend a 50-inch lighting unit for your Jeep since it would fit the roof perfectly for a brighter trail ahead.

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In Conclusion

Even though the size is a crucial aspect, you should not neglect other issues e.g. the beam pattern, IP-rating, efficiency and lumen count.

And when you attain the perfect combination of the core factors, you will be proud of your investment in the long term.

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