Best Bedroom Ceiling Light Fixtures

Best Bedroom Ceiling Light Fixture

Light in a bedroom may be from diverse sources; Bedside lamps, floor lamps, or reading lamps. It depends on the tasks you have within that enclosed space.

Ceiling lights for the bedroom ensure that you can access your books, closets, and even bathroom without casting unwanted shadows from objects. However, not all light fixtures define your style and space, as you want it.

If you need easy and modern-looking bedroom light fixtures, check out our top suggestions for you.

Bedroom Ceiling Light Fixtures 2023: Comparison

We give a brief overview of the best bedroom ceiling light fixtures and their unique features. However, our comparison table gives an inclusive summary of our product list and their specific features for high performance. Let’s dive in.

RankingProduct NameColorMaterial
1Hykolity Flush Mount Light FixturesBrushed NickelBrushed Nickel
2Taloya LED Flush Mount Ceiling FixturesWhitePlastic
3Hykolity 2 Pack Surface Mount Ceiling LightOil-rubbed BronzeOil Rubbed Bronze
4Airand flush mount led lightDaylight WhiteDaylight White
5Lifeholder Crystal Chandelier Ceiling LightWhiteCrystal
Best Bedroom Ceiling Light Fixture

When you need to sleep, the least you need is the disruption of bright light. A bedroom light fixture should be neither too bright nor too dim since you also have other activities like dressing, reading, or schedule for another day.

Here is a list of top-quality semi-flush and flush mount fixtures that add taste to your bedroom ceiling. Have a look.

1. Hykolity Flush Mount Light Fixtures

The 20w light produces 3-color functions with a 3000k, 4000k, and 5000k color temperature. Nickel finish touches of the shade make it elegant and the touch does not fade over the years.

You will appreciate that it comes with a dimmer switch. Not just that, but it’s also compatible with several dimmers within distributor stores.

We like that you can trim down your electricity costs by up to 80% as this is a perfect replacement for 160w ordinary incandescent bulbs. It is also inexpensive and a great product for those who value quality and durability.


  • Dimmer switch
  • Economical value for every purchase
  • Beauty and elegance
  • Energy conservation


  • A single burn out calls for whole system replacement

2. Taloya LED Flush Mount Ceiling Fixtures

This is a modern type recessed fixture with a 3-light color system. The fixture works with the ordinary on/off switch but it has the color-preset option at the back of the light.

On the other hand, the tough plastic quality prevents any hazardous situation in case of an electrical fault. It also comes with a short circuit protector for the power supply.

It’s an all-easy DIY installation with the help of YouTube videos and an installation guide.

Most importantly, a single bulb of Taloya LED beats up a 200w incandescent bulb in brightness, durability, and power conservation. It is cheaper to buy one of these for the convenience of service and durability.


  • 3-color mode
  • Simple installation
  • Energy saver
  • Affordable


  • Non-dimmable

3. Hykolity 2 Pack Surface Mount Ceiling Light

This is a low-profile fixture with a bronze finish touch on the shade. It’s super slim and occupies limited space for low ceilings around kitchens, closets, bathrooms, et cetera.

It is ETL listed and is electrically safe for bedroom ceiling insulation. It is a better replacement for the traditional incandescent bulbs and with the LED technology; you can save up to 80% of your electrical energy and costs.

You can also switch between soft white, daylight white, or bright light. Besides, it also has a dimmer switch for brightness adjustment. You can easily decide on your room’s mood.

We like that it is not just a cool design but also affordable. The 2-pack is inexpensive and easy to install.


  • Simple to install
  • Dimmer function
  • Energy efficient
  • Cool bronze shade finish


  • Mounting screws short for, a recessed housing can

4. Airand flush mount led light

This 18-watt fixture provides a 1650lm output and 5000K daylight white/cool white color. It’s made of 120 led chips to ensure it doesn’t flicker and lights continuously.

Besides, the high-quality ABS and PC materials provide an excellent light cover with an antiglare shade to ensure uniform light transmission.

We like that it’s durable and the white milky housing and led chip technology keep your eyes from harmful rays, plus adding a touch of beauty and style.  It is also IP44-rated and is a perfect waterproof material for kitchen and bathroom lighting.


  • Bright white light
  • Inexpensive
  • IP44-rated
  • Anti-flicker and anti-glare LED technology


  • Poses wiring challenges to some nationalities

5. Lifeholder Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Light

The 10.4-inch high chandelier has a corresponding 8.7-inch width. The mini-chandelier works with two G9 bulbs which you need to buy separately to enhance the glow.

 Besides that, it also has glittering acrylic crystals with a glass feel and is not easy to break. They also present a look of elegance.

We like that it’s inexpensive and comes with a clear installation manual. It’s also a creative design for your bedroom and any low ceiling area that calls for style.


  • High-quality acrylic crystals
  • Inexpensive
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to assemble


  • Crystal assembly takes time

How to Choose the Bedroom Ceiling Lights

Bedroom ceiling lights need to illuminate evenly with no glare or flicker. It can be one or in multiples. Flush mount lights are an excellent option for bedrooms.

The following features determine the quality of a bedroom ceiling light fixture:

Dimmable function

A fixture with a dimmer system is good for bedroom functionality. You can adjust the brightness when you feel it’s necessary especially when it can be done remotely.

Lumen output

Brightness is a factor of lumen output. However, consider a light whose brightness does not glare in your eyes during sleep.


Fixtures with LED light technology present a low power consumption thus they are more energy-efficient than the traditional fluorescent tubes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Bedroom Ceiling Light Fixtures

In this section, we respond to queries concerning bedroom lights for the ceiling. We hope that this enlightens you on your choice of suitable lights. Let’s dive in.

Are LED lights good for bedroom?

LED lights do come with anti-flickering and no glare feature that is healthy for your eyes. It is also bright enough to light every corner for other tasks like dressing or scheduling activities.

Are pendant lights going out of style?

Pendant lights are always in style and are one excellent choice for a higher ceiling of beyond 8 ft tall.

Which Is Overall Best?

Although all our bedroom-ceiling light fixtures are exceptional in quality, our top pick is Hykolity Flush Mount Light Fixtures. It comes with a unique brushed nickel touch and a dimmer option. Besides, it also has 3 color temperatures to switch.

It is also inexpensive and with more than 30000-hours of service, you will appreciate the reduced re-lamping expenses.


The right light option should be cost-friendly, with the correct placement and a matching design. A bedroom ceiling fixture should look cozy, simple, and comfortable yet still add a contemporary touch to your low ceiling.

Look out for the best bedroom ceiling light fixtures from our product list. We have all the solutions to lighting a low bedroom ceiling.

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