7 Best Light Bulb Changer High Ceiling Latest Guide

Best Light Bulb Changer High Ceilings

Changing bulbs on a high ceiling house can be very dangerous and cumbersome while using a ladder. To make it easy, using a light bulb changer enables you to fix bulbs from the ground with minimal accident falling.

It’s very important to establish your light bulb design, size, and shape before buying a bulb changer since some aren’t universal fits.

In this article, we have featured some of the best bulb changers in the market and included a buyer guide to give you insights on the main things to check out for in a good bulb grabber.

Light Bulb Changer High Ceiling: Comparison

Are you in a hurry and would like to make a fast informed buying choice? Here are all the bulb changers we have reviewed in this article in brief.

RankingProduct NameSizeColor
1Bayco LBC-600SDL Bulb Changer1Yellow
2Docapole B071X7PM2L Bulb Changer24 FootBlack
3Stauber 20Ft Best Bulb Changer‎Large SuctionGreen
4DocaPole Non-Pole Light Bulb Changer‎Transparent
5Bayco LBC-100 Standard Bulb Changer‎1 Yellow
6Stauber 4Ft Best Bulb Changer4 FeetLarge Suction
7Bulb Grabber Light Bulb Changer11 FeetRed
Best Light Bulb Changer High Ceilings

1. Bayco LBC-600SDL Bulb Changer for High Ceiling

On top of our list is this versatile bulb changer that has 3 changer heads to accommodate different sizes and designs of bulbs. Also, unlike many changers, this product includes a changer to specifically remove broken bulbs with much ease.

Another reason we have featured this top-rated bulb changer is that it’s made of high-quality plastic material that’s durable for a long time.

To top it all, this bulb changer comes with an impressive 11ft pole that ensures you get maximum comfort while changing your bulbs.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Includes extension pole
  • Versatile


  • 1-year warranty

2. Docapole B071X7PM2L Bulb Changer High Ceiling

With this changer that measures a maximum of 24ft long, you don’t have to risk going up a ladder on your own to remove a bulb. What we like about this piece is the light weight that makes it comfortable to use.

Its body is made of an Aluminum cover that ensures it will give you a long service life. On top of that, its multi-angle tip enables you to use it for more jobs including cleaning the gutter and windows.

To ensure you have a good grip, this bulb changer has a rubber end so that you don’t drop it while working. Lastly, on the middle of the pole, there’s a padded foam that increases balance when in application.


  • Light-weight
  • Easy to use
  • Padded foam
  • Includes a solid metal tip


  • Lacks attachment

3. Stauber 20Ft Best Bulb Changer

If you’re looking for a reliable bulb changer that has a strong suction cup to hold the bulb tightly, then this is your product. It includes a 20ft pole made of Aluminum material to ensure you get maximum reach irrespective of your height.

To ensure that you safely undertake your work, it is equipped with a twist-proof lock mechanism without worrying about bending. What’s more, the manufacturer includes a bulb cleaner to enable you to ensure the bulbs are as bright as they could be.

We love its press-fit metal which reduces the chances of the suction cup rotating. We recommend this changer for heavy bulb changing.


  • Durable
  • Strong material
  • Anti-rotation technology
  • Bulb cleaning device included


  • Doesn’t work well with small bulbs

4. DocaPole Non-Pole Light Bulb Changer

This bulb changer has a patented suction cup made of high-quality materials to hold and remove bulbs with less effort. It includes a steel thumb screw that ensures that the extension pole doesn’t move when mounted.

More to that, with a metal push pin, the suction cup is stopped from spinning while in use. Another reason we like it is that it’s multi-purpose and can be used to change or remove other outdoor light bulbs.

However, you will have to purchase a 24ft extension pole separately.


  • Patented suction cup
  • Multi-purpose
  • Excellent performance
  • Creative design


  • Pole not included

5. Bayco LBC-100 Standard Bulb Changer with Long Cable

If you’re an incandescent bulb user, this changer is designed specifically to suit your needs. It’s the easiest bulb changer to operate without getting confused about how to operate it.

What’s more, we like the fact that it’s compatible with multiple extension poles in the market. This means you’re not limited to purchase a specific brand.

Another plus we like about it is that it has been tested for safety and quality standards before sale. Apart from internal use, you can use this bulb changer for outdoor and recreation level activities.


  • Safety tested
  • Affordable
  • Best for incandescent bulbs
  • High-quality material


  • Weak bulb grip

6. Stauber 4Ft Best Bulb Changer

When it comes to the effectiveness of use and handling, this bulb changer has a power latch pole that measures a maximum of 4ft long comes first. This ensures you get enough grip when installing or changing a bulb.

Another plus about this product is that it’s easy to use and stays for long before it becomes defective. On its holding tip, the plastic material has been designed to ensure you have enough grip to operate it.

The Stauber brand has been in the market for a long time and hence quality and safety are assured.


  • Fair price
  • Trusted brand
  • Compact pole
  • Impressive design


  • Limited warrant

7. Bulb Grabber Light Bulb Changer

One of the most outstanding features of this light bulb is that it’s battery-powered hence making your work easier. You don’t require any attachments and the package comes with an 11ft long telescoping pole to reach up to a 20ft tall ceiling.

Apart from that, the bulb grabber ensures that you’re safe from shock and vibration which cause discomfort during application. We like the fact that it’s able to change multiple varieties of light bulbs inside and outside the house.

With a non-marring rubber base, you are assured to remove or change bulbs with the least ease since sliding is minimal.


  • Battery-powered
  • Universal fit
  • No attachment is required
  • Has a good grip on hand


  • Regular stock-out

Buyer’s Guide for Light Bulb Changer High Ceiling

It’s very important to buy a bulb tool that is going to fit the kind of bulb in your house. To ensure that you purchase the right bulb changer, here are some important factors to consider so that you can get value for your money.


The size of the bulb you are using should determine the type of bulb holder you purchase. Some bulbs are small in size and hence may be difficult to hold with a large bulb changer. Therefore, before buying a bulb changing kit, ensure its size and design matches your bulb size.

Extension Pole Compatibility

Some bulb changers are only compatible with certain extension poles while others have universal threading that can hold multiple changers. It’s always advisable to go with universal bulb changers that can be used with any kind of extension pole.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Light Bulb Changer With Long Cable

If you’re having difficulties changing bulbs in your high ceiling rooms, then you may be searching for answers that will enable you to solve some of these problems. We have answered some of them briefly but with great insight below.

What can I use to change light bulbs in high ceiling?

Often, people use ladders to change light bulbs which is cumbersome and inconvenient to carry into your house and set it up. We recommend that you use bulb changers which offer a more convenient way to fix bulbs faster and safer.

Is changing light bulbs dangerous?

It can be dangerous to change light bulbs when the bulb power is on. This is because it might burst and lead to sparks and eventually causing an electric shock that can be fatal. Therefore, always change light bulbs when the switch is turned off.

#1 Which One Is The Best?

The best light bulb changer high ceiling is “Bayco LBC-600SDL Bulb Changer”. After research and compared with all other options we have made this decision based on overall data.

Final Thought

In our list, we have carefully selected the best bulb changers based on going through a lot of reviews, our own experiences with each product, and actual testing. However, it’s very important to settle for a bulb changer that suits your ceiling specific needs and requirements

Additionally, with our buying guide, you will get to know how to choose the best product without getting confused about the many brands in the market. Happy shopping!

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