How Do You Change a Shop Light in An Office with a High Ceiling?

How Do You Change a Shop Light

You probably settled for shop lights for your office due to the level of brightness that they provide for the space. However, just like everything under the sun, the fixture doesn’t last forever and will need to be replaced.

On top of that, you may be replacing the unit since you feel like your office needs a new look. That being said, the replacement process is not that hard, even if the office has a high ceiling. Let’s give you a breakdown of how you can change the shop lights in your office.

How Do You Change a Shop Light

Tools Needed to Change a Shop Light

Before you get started, here is a list of materials that you should have in place:

  • Wire stripper
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire nuts (small)
  • A ladder
  • Nut driver

How Do You Change a Shop Light in An Office with a High Ceiling? The Replacement Process

Let’s now give you a breakdown of the steps to follow to replace the shop lights in your office successfully:

I) Turn off The Power

Before you start working on any electrical setup, it is always a wise move to turn off the power at the main panel box. This is important for your safety as there will be no current running through the wires.

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II) Take out the Light Bulb and Housing Fixture

As you remove the light bulb, you should cautious enough not to cause any breakages since you are dealing with fragile objects. Further, you should double-check with a multimeter to be sure that there is no current flowing through the wires.

III) Disconnecting the Wires

If you are confident that the power is off, it is now time to unscrew the wires to separate the fixture’s wiring from the ceiling connection. Keep in mind that you do not have to alter the wiring within the lighting unit itself.

IV) Detach the Fixture Box from The Ceiling

When you look at both ends of the fixture, you’ll notice two big screws at the far ends. These are the only things connecting the light to the ceiling, and you should use the screwdriver to unscrew them. Take extra care that it does not fall off and break into pieces.

V) Cover the Holes with Some Paint

It is unlikely that you’ll be installing the new fixture at the same spot. So, you should ensure that the previous holes and any other damage are out of sight. We believe you are familiar with the steps involved in installing a shop light in your office or garage.

Final Word

We hope you find this article helpful if you need to remove and replace your shop light. Just because your office has a high-ceiling design doesn’t mean that the job has to be difficult, as a ladder would make it within reach. Go ahead and follow the steps we have provided you can be sure of getting the project done.

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