How To Turn Off Garage Light

How To Turn Off Garage Light

How awesome is the automatic garage door opener? Well, this is a handy fixture that turns the garage lights on whenever you open the garage door and vice versa. It will save you time, plus you could consider it a life-saver since it eliminates the risk of electric shocks.

However, a time may come when the device refuses to work, and the lights stay on longer than usual.

What causes this problem, and how can you fix it? As you shall see, this thing is not that big, and you can handle it all by yourself.

Find out how.

How To Turn Off Garage Light

How To Turn Off Garage Light

Why Would the Lights Refuse to Turn Off

There are several reasons that would cause this to happen. They include:

  1. If you are walking into and out of the garage repeatedly, you may activate the motion sensors such that they remain active without your knowledge
  2. The issue could also be with the control panel where one of the core buttons is accidentally activated, causing the lights to stay on continuously
  3. And if your remote control does not have multiple functions, check the user guide to get an explanation of how you can deactivate this feature

Fixing The Problem

There are different ways you could handle the problem. For example, if the remote device has multiple functions, follow these steps:

  • Deactivate ‘light’ via the menu button and then click the button labelled as ‘light settings’
  • After that, click the automatic light button before turning off the sensory feature function
  • You can head back to the menu panel

Another way of fixing the problem involves the following steps:

  • Start by resetting the timer to 90-seconds before disconnecting the unit power and the wiring from the opener
  • Wait for about one and a half minutes before reconnecting the power and check of the lights come back on
  • Lastly, reconnect the opener if the problem has been fully fixed

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Final Word

All in all, we advise that you try and fix the problem when you notice it. If you take a long time before dealing with it, the entire system could get corrupted, and it may cost you a lot of money to get things right.

That being said, we hope that the guidelines we have provided will be helpful to you in fixing your garage lights if the problem ever arises.

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