Best UV Black Light LED for Glow Party 2023

Best Black Light Led for Glow Party

Black light LED works finest when it’s dark enough and by use of the blue or purple UV wavelength, to create a spectacular glow. If you are to throw a night birthday party for your teen child, you will be spoilt for choice for the most suitable black lights, since numerous brands flood the markets.

However, only a thin line of these products will make you happy with their quality, service, and cost. If you are looking for the best black light led for a glow party, we have a few top suggestions for you.

Glow Party LED Black Lights: Comparison

As we give a detailed review of the best black light led for glow party, you may want to quickly have a look at our top picks. This comparison table will outline some of the finest features, price, and high-quality black lights that you may want to consider for your glow party today. Let’s dive in.

RankingProduct NameWattageVoltage
1OPPSK 27watt 9 LED Black light27 watts110 Volts
2Barrina UV LED Black Light Bar9 watts120 Volts
3Onforu 4 Pack 24w LED Black light Bar24 watts120 Volts
4Onforu 2 Pack 50W LED Black Light50 watts110 Volts
5Woutou Bar LED Black light54.00 watts110 Volts
6Kingbo 14-watt LED UV black light
7Faishilan 2 Pack 30 watt LED black light30 watts110 Volts
 Best Black Light Led for Glow Party

To begin with, consider some factors such as how long the lighting should take, energy consumption, the quality of light, and budget implications. The longer the period of service, the better it is in terms of quality.

A single black light led has the energy of 3- 9 watts, so that a whole kit of about 9-48 LED runs at 110-220v. Now, that should inform you about the most suitable lighting of your choice.

1. OPPSK 27watt 9 LED Black light

First, it is a portable and easy to plug in 9 LED black light, with a voltage of 110-220v. The led lights are bright enough and work better with fluorescent posters and body paints.

Moreover, it’s durable, has long stable working hours and brightness can be regulated by a dimmable switch. We also like this unit because of its simple installation. It comes with a 3.3 ft cord for power plugs and an on/off switch for power regulation.


  • Easy installation
  • Long working hours
  • Super brightness
  • Durable
  • Pocket -friendly


  • The power cord is short

2. Barrina UV LED Black Light Bar

This lighting kit comes in a unit pack of four 9w and 2 ft black light bars. The fixture can be extended using a seamless cord to fit 8 light fixtures.

And since it works effectively with UV curing paints, it’s considered safe for humans. Proper illumination is also achieved by fluorescent balloons and colored art, together with face and body paints. What we like most about them is that they are simple to install and they can be regulated using an on/off switch.


  • Easy installation
  • Easy connectivity for more lights
  • Cost friendly
  • Energy efficient


  • The power cord is short.

3. Onforu 4 Pack 24w LED Black light Bar

This is another super four-pack black light, with a total of 48 LED units. The light is mounted at an angle of 120 degrees. Consequently, the wide-area lighting looks cool in clubs, home parties, theatres, et cetera. Its neon illumination is great with fluorescent materials and body paints.

On the other hand, the light bar is easy to install since it comes with a power plug, and that means the wiring is not necessary .and is directly plugged into power outlets.

We like it because of the high-quality neon lights that look awesome at a glow party. Besides, it’s also energy-efficient, waterproof, and very much suitable for indoor and outdoor evening events.


  • Easy to install
  • Highly portable
  • Great neon illumination
  • Wide coverage


  • Packaging material delicate

4. Onforu 2 Pack 50W LED Black Light

This is a unique efficient UV LED flood light with 120 degrees angular coverage. These lights are great for outdoor party events and swimming pool

Another great feature about it is that it’s waterproof and can be perfect for either indoor or outdoor activities. Not forgetting, they are simple and easy to install because of the 110v power cord with plug. The plugin is easy to any power outlet.

We like that it comes with a power switch for power regulation options. It’s also great for stage lighting.


  • Low power consumption
  • DIY installation
  • Highly affordable
  • Well packaged


  • Direct light may cause painful eyes

5. Woutou Bar LED Black light

This is another excellent UV bar black light with18 LED. It has an adjustable mounting bracket for ceiling or wall and illuminates white and fluorescent material to glow in the dark.

What’s good about it is that it’s very energy efficient, and with its plug, it can be connected to any available power source. More so, it’s very brilliant and produces a high-quality glow on neon colors. The lights look luminous glow for small clubs, studio, and birthday nights.


  • No special installation skills needed
  • Reasonably priced
  • High-quality
  • Low power consumption


  • Minor shipping issues reported

6. Kingbo 14-watt LED UV black light

This kind of black light fixture produces a metallic black illumination, excellent for glow parties and Halloween. Plus, its illumination effect is greater with white material and neon body paints. Fluorescent balloons would also create a spectacular view.

However, its coverage is limited to 3ft by 3 ft, so that it’s mostly suitable for small indoor events.


  • Easy installation
  • Affordable
  • Quality black light


  • Irritant to eyes if in direct contact
  • Limited area coverage

7. Faishilan 2 Pack 30 watt LED black light

The last black light on our list is Faishilan 30 watt LED floodlight. It’s a great source of the purple wavelength which makes your glow party lively.

Apart from its simple installation, it also combines an easy to plug-in cord with an on/off switch. This makes it possible to regulate energy consumption.

We also like that, it is made up of aluminum which makes it resistant to breaking. However, if left for longer periods, it tends to overheat.


  • Easy installation
  • Quality lighting
  • Affordable
  • Energy saving


  • Not dimmable

Buyer’s Guide for the LED Light for Glow Party

How you choose a product may determine whether you will be satisfied or not. And the worst to happen is to spend on an item you may not see the value for money spent. So, what features will define a good quality black light? Let’s find out.


An average black light led should last for at least 30000hours. However, lighting that shows signs of overheating before these hours of service may not be worth your coin.

On the other hand, LED material should be strong enough not to break, otherwise the unit may end up faulty.

Quality of light

Most black lights use a blue or purple UV wavelenght to provide illumination. The longer UV wavelength is better as it may not have any serious effects on humans.

The bright lights may also have a dimmer option, to ensure energy efficiency.

Energy consumption

Fixtures that consume less power in terms of voltage are better. Besides, you can buy a light unit that has a dimmable function, for low power consumption.

Ease of installation

Before you settle for a specific unit, consider the ease of fixing. Long instruction manuals, hard wiring, and stuff you cannot DIY may sound tedious.

If that sounds familiar then here’s a tip:

Go for ready to plugin options or simple fixtures like LED light strips that you can easily tag around using adhesive foam tapes and clips.

Budget costs

Black light LED comes with special features that vary across the board. Let your knowledge of a product help you to identify an item that’s durable, easy to install, and of excellent quality.

A quality black light should give you the best service to have value for your money.

Common Questions That People Ask About Black Light Glow Party LEDs

In this section, we respond to some of the frequent questions asked about the best LED black lights concerning glow parties. Let’s read on.

Can you turn a regular light bulb into a Black light?

A regular light bulb produces normal light, while a black light bulb gives a blue or purple UV light. But the bulb slot and power source is the same 

Is it safe to leave a black light on the whole night?

yes, because black light is not harmful to humans. However, it’s not advisable because the LED may overheat. Also, longer exposure to UV wavelength may cause retina irritation.

Are LED lights bad for your eyes?

LED lights that use UV may cause itching and irritation, especially when the eyes are in direct contact.

Which One’s the Best?

While all the above picks have great functionality, our best black light LED for glow party is the OPPSK 27 watt. We love that it’s easy to install, very economical with energy but most of all, it has long working hours.

You are guaranteed quality and the best service with this. In general, it’s a product that you may want to try.

Bottom line

Black light LED is a great option for anyone planning a glow party as compared to other lighting alternatives. However, it does not have to run your pockets dry as there’s always a better package at a cost-friendly price.

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