Best 40 Inch Light Bar 2023

Best 40 Inch Light Bar

If your search for a quality light bar is more complicated than you anticipated, you have come to the right place. We have analyzed a sample of the best 40 inch light bar options so that you can check them out and choose the ideal one for your situation.

What you need to keep in mind is that the different models have different specifications. This means that some light bars will be more suited for different tasks than others. So, it is up to you to choose the one with all you are looking for in the items.

40 Inch Light Bars

We want your search for the ideal 40-inch light bar to be straightforward and to take little time. That is why we have done all the hard work for you and compiled a list of items that we consider the best in the market.

RankingProduct NameVoltsWattage
1OFFROADTOWN 40 Inch LED Light Bar12 Volts640 Watt
24WDKING 40-Inch LED Light Bar
34WDKING Single Row 40-Inch Light Bar9-36 Volts
4KC Hilites C-Series 40-Inch LED Light Bar240 watt
5DJI 4 X 4 40-Inch Quad Row LED Light Bar12 Volts‎640 watts
Best 40 Inch Light Bar

Here now is a brief detail of the leading light bars with these dimensions.

1. OFFROADTOWN 40 Inch LED Light Bar

As the name suggests, this is a well-made unit designed to withstand harsh weather and everything else that your off-road trail throws at it.

The light bar has an output of 64,000 raw lumens. Additional two row LEDs with combo beam pattern ensure more light forward to cover a wide area and long distance. Turn night into day!

Besides that, it comes with a wiring harness and mounting hardware so that you have everything you need for the installation. In a short while, the light bar should be ready for use.

We cannot wrap up our discussion without mentioning the TWO years of 100% quality guarantee. This means that in case of any issues, you can ask for a full refund,making it a risk-free investment.

Key Specs:

  • 64,000 raw lumens, 640W
  • Additional two row LEDs 
  • IP68 waterproof and dustproof
  • TWO years of 100% quality guarantee


  • Built to last
  • Easy installation
  • Very bright


  • Light brightness may not meet your expectations

2. 4WDKING 40-Inch LED Light Bar

If you feel like the previous product doesn’t offer the brightness you desire, check out this unit by 4WDKING. It features advanced LED chips and a double-row design to offer more concentrated light and illuminate a longer distance.

Let’s look at the adjustable mounting bracket, which is well-made to offer the sturdiness needed. Further, it allows for a 360-degree rotation for more flexibility in installation and use. After all, no one likes a tedious setup process.

We were, however, disappointed that the warranty terms were not clear as this would tell you the risk status of the investment.

Key Specs:

  • IP68 and IP69K waterproof rating
  • A no screw design
  • 6500K bright
  • 6063 aluminum housing


  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Flexible mounting bracket
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • Poor packaging

3. 4WDKING Single Row 40-Inch Light Bar

Here is another item by 4WDKING, only that it has a single row design, unlike the first one on the list. However, this does not make it inferior as it is rated at 200W to ensure that it provides the visibility needed on the trail.

It also comes with stainless steel mounting brackets that offer great flexibility in installation and use. Many users were particularly impressed that it allows for a 360-degree rotation to light up all areas.

The aluminum alloy sink gives the unit excellent heat dissipation, and we believe it contributes to its lifespan of over 50,000 hours.

We only wish the warranty terms were clearer for everyone to see.

Key Specs:

  • IP68 and IP96K waterproof rating
  • Lifespan of over 50,000 hours
  • Screwless design
  • Spot and Flood beam combo


  • Very bright
  • Decent lifespan
  • Wide compatibility


  • A bit noisy

4. KC Hilites C-Series 40-Inch LED Light Bar

The performance is not the only thing we look at in a light bar but affordability too. Wouldn’t it be nice if we found something that offers a balance between the two? That is just what the KC Hilites unit provides.

It comprises 76 3W LEDs and an output of 15,690 raw lumens, which will light up any trail that you set it to. On top of that, it features a spot and flood beam combo to give it one of the best penetrative aspects in the market.

We were impressed that the package includes wiring and mounting brackets so that you can have an easy time setting it up. No dashing to the shops to get this and that.

What about the warranty? Well, the product comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty. This may give you peace of mind as your chances of making a loss are minimal.

Key Specs:

  • 240W and 15,960 lumens
  • IP67 intrusion rating
  • Wiring and mounting brackets included
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Affordable
  • Attractive, sleek look
  • Rugged build


  • Complaints of slow response when asking for a replacement

5. DJI 4 X 4 40-Inch Quad Row LED Light Bar

It may be the last item on our list, but the DJI 4 X 4 light bar has to be among the brightest of them all. The quad row design makes it quite effective in the power it gives out, whereby it emits 6,000K white light and 64,000 lumens of light output.

With this unit, it will feel like you have installed the massive stadium lights on your vehicle.

Besides the light bar, the package also includes the necessary mounting kits and a play and plug wiring harness with a switch. All these accessories are meant to help you set up the LED bar easily and in the shortest time possible.

Lastly, the product comes with a 2-year warranty which is vital for your peace of mind. This is because you can be sure that in case of any issues with the product, you can claim a replacement or a refund of your money within this period.

Key Specs:

  • 64,000 lumens, 640W
  • IP68 intrusion rating
  • Lifespan of over 50,000 hours
  • Spot and flood beam combo



  • Some items missing from the box

40″ Light Bars: Guide to High-Quality

In this section, we shall highlight the factors that you should focus on as you shop for your ideal light bar. This way, your chances of landing your ideal item will be boosted greatly.


This is the main factor that you should pay attention to in a light bar. To know how bright a unit is likely to be, look at the number of lumens, where the higher the number, the brighter it is likely to be.

However, a brighter unit is likely to have a higher power consumption. So, always check out this factor beforehand to be on the safe side.


No one wants to head back to the shops looking for a new light bar as soon as he has installed one. So, always go for an item with a lifespan of 30,000 hours and beyond to be on the safe side.

A unit’s longevity is determined by the materials used in its construction. For instance, aluminum alloy makes the LED bar solid and helps improve heat dissipation, boosting the unit’s longevity.

Other factors that you may look at include:

  • Beam pattern
  • Water and dust-resistance
  • Warranty terms
  • Number of rows
  • Quality of mounting brackets etc.

FAQs on 40″ Light Bars

We understand that you have certain queries regarding light bars. We hope to answer them in this section.

How is a light bar powered?

Normally, light bars draw their power from the vehicle, whereby you will plug the connector into the power supply. It is important that you read the manual to know the power requirements that would power the bar well.

What is the ideal LED color?

When it comes to automotive lighting, white is often preferred as it is considered the safest. Further, it is illegal to use any other color in some states other than white. Some manufacturers give you the freedom to change the color if you feel like doing so.

Are light bars easy to maintain?

In most cases, yes. You find that some units only need regular wiping by a piece of cloth after use so that the brightness remains at the highest level. Normally, the wiring and housing are well-made and offer nothing to worry about.

The Best Overall #1

After considering all the products we have listed, we consider the Tuff Stuff 40-Inch LED Light Bar the best item overall. It has a sturdy construction, is quite bright, and is easy to install.

On top of all the features, it comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to protect you from potential losses.

Final Word

There is very little information regarding 40-inch light bars that we have left out. So, if you have been keen enough on our post, there is a lot you must have learned. This means that next time you go shopping for the ideal item, you are likely to have an easier time than before.

We hope you are successful in finding the perfect 40 inch light bar for your off-road truck.

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