10 Best 50 Inch Light Bar 2023

Best 50 Inch Light Bar

While driving off-road, headlights are not enough to ensure that you’re viewing the road properly for safe driving. It’s therefore important to install light bars that help with its strong beam to light up night travel.

Some lightbars are as small as 2 inches whereas others are as big as 52 inches. We are going to focus on the best 50-inch light bar choices since they give the strongest light and are perfect for off-road use.

It’s important to note that the light bars differ in terms of design, amount of light emitted, and pricing. We hope by the end of this review, you shall be able to find a product that is enough to suit your driving needs.

50 Inch Light Bar: Easy To Find List

Before we get started, here’s a quick comparison list we’ve compiled for you. It brings together our top picks in brief.

RankingProductsBulb TypeWeight
1Nilight – 288W 50 Inch Light BarLED10.08 pounds
2Yitamotor LED Light BarLED16.27 pounds
34WDKING 250W WDK-S5-50 Screwless Design LightBarLED5.15 pounds
4Auxbeam 70023822 288W LED LED Light BarLED11.48 pounds
5Autosaver88 648w Curved LED Light BarLED6.61 pounds
64WDKING LED WDK-D5-50 Light BarLED7.8 pounds
7Auxbeam 70023812 LED Light Bar LED11.37 pounds
8Autosaver88 400w LED Light BarLED8.25 pounds
9Rigid Industries 150312 E-Series Light BarLED15 pounds
10Northpole Light 288W Curved Light BarLED9 pounds
Best 50 Inch Light Bar

Here is our in-depth reviews of top 10 picks of the 50 inch light bar one by one:

1. Nilight – 288W 50 Inch Light Bar

Occupying the top stop on our list is the Nilight light bar. We rate it at number 1 because of its impressive brightness and multi-purpose use. This light bar comes in a curved design that ensures light is spread efficiently on all roadsides to enhance enough visibility.

Apart from off-road lighting use, it can be used in farming machinery and lighting in some parts of the house such as backyards and garages.

What we love about this light bar is that you’re given a 2- year warranty as well as free mounting brackets.

More Benefits and Features

Also, the light bar is long-lasting since the die-cast alloy heat regulators consisting of Aluminum material increases heat dissipation.

Another impressive thing about this light bar is that it will give you over 30,000 hours of service. Besides that, it’s waterproof and is not easily corroded.


  • Dustproof
  • Super bright lighting
  • Mounting brackets included
  • Waterproof


  • Not easy to install

2. Yitamotor LED Light Bar 50″

Powered by 288W of energy, this light bar has a lifespan of 50,000 hours and above. It has been constructed using the latest technology and includes both mounting brackets and wiring equipment.

Also, you will enjoy its waterproof feature that protects the inner parts of the light bar from getting spoilt. Additionally, the light bar doesn’t attract dirt into its components ensuring they give the optimum amount of lighting on the road.

It has been constructed for all types of vehicles including but not limited to jeeps, SUVs, ATVs, and cars. The Aluminum alloy ensures it’s protected from rusting.

More Benefits and Features

You need to know that the light bar comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you’re dissatisfied with the product. The light bar has a life-time warranty in case of defects.

What’s more, included in the box, you get light pods, a mounting bracket, and a wiring harness.


  • Waterproof
  • Universal
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Includes a wiring harness
  • Reasonable Price ( Up to 15% discount )


  • Quick battery drain

3. 4WDKING 250W WDK-S5-50 Screwless Design LED Light Bar

One of the outstanding features of this light bar is the screwless design that allows for easier installation. For maximum visibility and superb visual effect, it has an advanced flood beam made of superior Osram LEDs that ensure you drive safely.

What’s more, the light bar prides itself on having the highest rating for both waterproof and dustproof features. The heat sink made of good quality Aluminum material ensures that overheating of the light bar doesn’t occur which reduces the chances of it becoming defective.

More Benefits and Features

Its modern Cree chips are LED’s ensuring that you see the road clearly to drive safely. The lifespan of this light bar is over an impressive 50,000 hours.

Equipped with a military breather, it’s able to work perfectly in harsh conditions and keep air balance at all times.


  • Radio-free
  • Dustproof
  • Safe to use
  • Durable


  • Mounting bolts required

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4. Auxbeam 70023822 288W 50 Inch LED Light Bar

With a long life span of 50,000 hours, this flashlight is reliable and durable because of it’s unique built-in features. First, it has been manufactured with a 5D design that is one of the most powerful light projectors on the road.

It’s equipped with a reflector design and a fisheye lens to increase the distance you can see on the road. Also, it ensures close-range lighting is bright to view every part of the road while you are not moving the car.

More to that, the light bar has high-quality wiring that eases the control of light fixtures. 

More Benefits and Features

Additionally, a switch enhanced with adhesive tape backing reduces the stress that can be encountered during mounting. This light bar has been made to withstand all weather conditions. It has an IP67 rating of being waterproof. It works normally in dusty conditions while you’re off-road.


  • LED light
  • 5D design
  • Dustproof
  • Durable wiring


  • Prone to moisture build-up

5. Autosaver88 648w 50 Inch Curved LED Light Bar

We highly recommend this light bar for boat, jeep, and ATV car users. Powered by 648w, it features a tri-row optic LED system that ensures you get the brightest light possible on the road to keep you safe. It comes with a spot and flood beam to give a good balance on the area covered and the beam distance.

Additionally, the Aluminum material reduces wear and corrosion, therefore, increasing its durability. You can use it in any kind of weather without worrying about its performance. More to that, heat sinks ensure the light bar loses heat for it to last a long time.

More Benefits and features

This multi-purpose light bar is used in other applications such as camping, during fog, and while fishing. An adjustable bracket helps to shift light direction without disassembling it.


  • Triple row light system
  • Multiple-use
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Waterproof


  • High power usage

6. 4WDKING LED WDK-D5-50 Light Bar

This light bar has been manufactured to enable it to survive rugged terrain with your SUV or jeep. With advanced optics technology and high quality LED chips, it provides you with a super bright light that is wide to light the whole road.

Additionally, its high waterproof rating ensures that it performs normally even when there’s rain or passing through water paddles. For maximum durability, the light bar has steel screws that are stainless to prevent dust formation and corrosion.

More Benefits and features

An aluminum housing design and cooling fans make it easy for the light bar to lose heat hence increasing its lifespan. You don’t experience radiation or wind noise. It’s shockproof and if fitted with a military-grade breather.

Lastly, the light bar can prevent the formation of fog inside it since it has a sharp temperature difference that allows for low and high temperatures climates.


  • Water-resistant
  • Long 50,000-hour lifespan
  • Dust-proof
  • Radio Free


  • No extra accessories

7. Auxbeam 50 Inch LED Light Bar

The light bar is equipped with the latest 5D optics technology that gives you the ability to view long distances during the night. Also, you get both a flood and soft light beams to give you a good view of both long and short distances.

It gives out an impressive 28,800 lumens that provide high quality super bright lighting for an easy driving experience.

More Benefits and Features

On top of that, it has been IP67 rated as perfectly waterproof and dustproof to make sure that it overcomes harsh weather and rough terrain off-road.

The light bars have a gentle arch that is designed to give you a wider range of lighting.

Lastly, this light bar has a 50,000-hour life span which gives you confidence that you’re buying a high-quality, long-lasting product.


  • 5D optics
  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof
  • Curved design


  • High power use

8. Autosaver88 400w 50 Inch LED Light Bar

When you want a relatively cheap light bar with outstanding specifications, then this light bar should be on your preference list. Also, it gives both flood and optic systems to help you have short and long view light ranges.

Fitted with cooling fins and an Aluminum heat sink, the light bar reduces overheating which makes it last longer. Other than that, the Aluminum material used to construct the light bar protects the inside circuitry from damage and rust.

More Benefits and Features

Additionally, the internal parts of the light bar are protected from water due to its high IP68 rating. The light bar has a long life-span of 50,000 hours. This light bar saves power consumption since an energy-saving electrical circuit has been fitted into it.

Lastly, apart from off-roaders, it can be used in ranches, trucks, hunting, and construction workers.


  • Efficient heat dissipation
  • Affordable
  • Multiple application
  • Anti-corrosion


  • High power drain

9. Rigid Industries 150312 E-Series LED Light Bar

Equipped with patented hybrid optics, this light bar is specially designed to give the brightest light for long distances while saving on power. You get a combination of both flood and spot beams to ensure you view the road at maximum visibility.

Also, a polycarbonate lens and an Aluminum material have been used to manufacture the light bar to prevent it from rust and corrosion. This means that you can use it for a long time before it gets spoilt.

In addition, the oversized sinks ensure that there’s no overheating on the LED lights.

More Benefits and Features

Weighing 15 pounds, this light bar is built for the cruiser car model and street bikes. It lasts a long time before the power runs out making it essential for off-road trips.

What’s more, the bar has many options for mounting depending on the design of your car front. 


  • Heat sinks
  • Super bright lighting
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Long-lasting


  • Expensive

10. Northpole Light 288W 50inch Curved Light Bar

If you’re looking for a light bar with a long irradiation range, then this is the best choice that you can get for your car. This light bar has 96 LED’s that includes both flood and spot beams that help you lighten a broader view of the road.

Another advantage of this light bar is that it’s a universal fit for many trucks, boats, SUVs, and other off-road cars. What’s more, it’s easy to change the beam direction due to installed mounting brackets that enable it to happen easily.

More Benefits and Features

On top of that, the Aluminum material used to build the light bar prevents corrosion and rusting to increase its lifespan. The manufacturer has given the product a 30,000-hour lifespan that should be enough for you before buying another one.


  • Incorporate flood and spot beams
  • Rust-free
  • Mounting bracket
  • Waterproof


  • Lacks a curved design

50 Inch Curved light Bar: Buying Guide

There are a few things that are important to find out about most popular 50 inch light bar picks before deciding on which one to buy. We are going to outline some of the most important ones below.

Type of Beam

Lightbars come in flood and spot designs. The difference between them is that spot beams cover a small area whereas flood beams give light to a wider area. Therefore, this means both beams are important during your off-road trips.

We would suggest that you should acquire a light bulb with both flood and spot beams to complement each other.

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Resistance to harsh driving conditions

Off-road driving is considered to be through rough terrain. This kind of environment needs a light bar that has been built to protect it from becoming spoilt. Therefore, you should lookout for a light bar that has features such as water, wear, and corrosion-resistant.

This will ensure that your light bar shall serve you for a long time before making a replacement saving you money in the long run.


Before buying a light bar, you should make sure that you’re choosing a product that is high quality and will work perfectly for your car. After that, then you should find the most affordable one instead of looking for the cheapest which may land you a poor quality light bar.

Some light bars attract a premium price for additional features and benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on 50 Inch LED Light Bars

People also commonly ask some common questions about 50 inch light bars. Here are answers to some of them.

Are light bars any good?

Yes. Lightbars provide enough lights that are brighter than headlights to ensure you have the best visibility when you’re off-road. Therefore, they are very important for long trips and while going through rough terrain.

Do LED light bars get hot?

Yes. However, when your light bars have enough heat sinking ability, heating becomes regulated. In case your light bars don’t have heat sinking ability, they will become less effective with time as the quality of the light shall reduce.

Why are my LED lights overheating?

Whenever your light bar has excessive power or there are inadequate heat sinking capabilities, the LED lights end up overheating. Also, overheating can be caused by installing an incorrect LED light in a vehicle’s system that is not compatible.

Are cheap LED light bars any good?

Cheap or not, light bars are either high or low quality. Therefore, the price doesn’t determine the quality of the light bar. However, cheaper light bars have low light that is enough for light duties whereas expensive light bars are made for heavy-duty activities.

Best Pick Overall #1

Picking the best light bar is difficult since they come in two kinds of designs. Some are straight while others are curvy. Therefore, people may have their preferences depending on their own user experience.

In our view, the best-made 50-inch light bar is the Nilight – 71015C-A 288W. This is because it comes with a curved design, gives high brightness, and can be used in multiple applications. It has the longest warranty at 2 years.

What’s more, the light bar is highly durable and water-resistant. This ensures that it’s very sturdy and strong to overcome difficult weather conditions off-road.


LED light bars are a very excellent fit for off-road trips during the night. We consider the 50inch length designs as the best option you can use compared to the smaller ones. This is because it gives out the best brightness while driving for maximum safety and clear vision.

It’s very important to note that most light bars differ in the amount of brightness and design. However, others have extra features that make them be used in extra applications. It’s very important to find out whether the light bar you’re going to select is going to be compatible with your car model.

This review has compiled a list of the most popular 50 inch light bars on the market for your perusal. We hope that our write-up shall help you make a good purchase decision.

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