How to Mount Light Bar on Roof Without Drilling

How to Mount Light Bar on Roof Without Drilling

If you have ever installed light bars onto your truck’s roof, you must understand how the process can be time-consuming. But did you know that you can mount this unit onto your car without any drilling involved?

This way, you can complete the job within a shorter time as the process will be simplified greatly. In addition to that, drilling is somewhat technical, and if you get it wrong, you could easily damage your car.

How to Mount Light Bar on Roof Without Drilling

Let’s now look at the various ways of mounting this unit onto your vehicle’s roof without involving any drilling.

Different Ways of Mounting a Light Bar to the Roof Without Drilling

How is this possible? Well, provided there are existing bolts or clamping points on your car, drilling is not necessary to mount the accessory to the roof. Here are a few ways how.

I) Roof Racks

Some brackets can fit different roof racks for other car models without much hassle. However, the rack has to be located closer to the vehicle’s front to be efficient in providing visibility as required.

If the rails are far back, you will be at a disadvantage.

II) Third Brake Light Mount

Some pickup trucks come with a third brake light just behind the cabin. Here, you can remove this extra light and replace it with a unit through which you can mount your LED bar.

III) Existing Bolts

This has to be the easiest way of mounting the unit onto a Jeep Wrangler’s roof without drilling. The location is also superb as it is just over the windshield, and the visibility won’t be lost.

Here, you should start by loosening the bolts at the bottom of two sides of the windshield before placing the light bar’s brackets and finally mounting the LED through the brackets.

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IV) Magnetic Roof Mounts

Another method that doesn’t require drilling is the use of small magnets, which you have secured on the car’s top. It is pretty easy to use where you only have to hang your lighting unit onto the magnets.

Other ways of mounting a light bar to the roof without drilling include:

  • Through bumper mounts
  • Through hood mounts
  • Through leg space
  • Through the rear-view mirror

Final Word

If you are uncomfortable with drilling holes in your car’s roof to install a light bar, there are alternative ways of doing so. We have spelt them out in the most straightforward language so that you can have an easy time choosing and executing your ideal method.

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