Where to Run Wires for Roof Light Bar?

Where to Run Wires for Roof Light Bar

Are you tired of spending money on a handyperson to install your light bar onto your truck’s roof? If you are, the only option left is doing all the work by yourself. All you need are the tools for the job and a set of instructions to guide you through the process.

The most critical part of this installation is the wiring, and if you want your unit to function correctly, you have to get it right. One of the confusing aspects of the wiring is where you should run the wires to complete the system.

Where to Run Wires for Roof Light Bar

Well, worry not as we shall give you the options of where you can run the cables for your lighting unit.

Running the Wires from the Roof Light Bar Installation

Let’s discuss some of the options at your disposal on running the acessory’s wires. Here they are:

I) From the Top Down the Back of the Cab

In this option, the wiring will be longer as the cables will run along the length of the roof attached to the roof rack. If you are dealing with a utility car, the wires will loop across the tray’s headboard before heading down to the chassis rail and finally to the engine bay.

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II) Drilling Through the Roof

The next method is not liked by many due to the fact that you cannot reverse the process.

However, it is pretty straightforward as you simply drill a hole through the car’s outer roof skin and then pass the wires through a rubber gourmet into the roof cavity and finally feed it into the truck.

III) From the Roof Down the Side of the Windscreen Glass

Note that this method is limited to specific cars as some designs do not allow its use.

Here, you will run the wiring from the light into the available wiring while the positioning will be on the windscreen’s side.

Then, you will hold it in with the correct silicon adhesive.

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IV) Down the Snorkel

Lastly, we have the least popular method that involves looping the wire from the unit at the top down into the back of the snorkel’s head. Once inside, you will have to run the cable into the airbox’s dirty side.

Then, to penetrate the wiring back into the engine bay, you’ll drill through the airbox’s side for this (penetration) to be possible.

Final Thought

Check out the above guidelines and decide which one works for you. However, if you’re doubtful of anything, be wise enough to consult an electrician so that you end up with a unit that functions as it should.

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