Best 4 Foot LED Garage Light Fixtures 2023

Best 4 Foot LED Garage Light Fixtures

If you are a car owner, chances are that you spend a lot of time in your garage. That’s because a garage is not just a place to park your car. It doubles up as a workshop for you to handle different projects like assembly, repairs, and painting jobs.

For that reason, your garage must be well-illuminated. You can achieve that by getting the best 4 foot LED garage light fixtures.

If you are wondering how to get your hands on the best ones, this guide is for you. Let us start by looking to some of the top options in the market.

4 Foot LED Garage Light Fixtures

RankingProduct NameVoltageWattage
1Barrina LED Shop Light‎120 Volts40 watts
2FaithSail 4FT LED Light Fixtures120 Volts‎40 watts
3Sunco Lighting 6 Pack LED Shop Light120 Volts ‎40 watts
4OOOLED Linkable 48W LED Wraparound Light100277 Volts48 watts
5Hykolity 4FT LED Shop Light120 Volts40 Watts
6Lithonia Lighting FMFL OA 4-Foot‎120 Volts35 Watts
7LLT 4Ft Vapor Proof LED Waterproof Shop Light‎120 Volts36 watts
8Sunco Lighting LED Utility Shop Light120 Volts40 Watts
9OOOLED 4FT LED 42W Shop Light‎100277 Volts‎42 watts
10Hykolity LED Shop Light 10 Pack120 Volts220 watts
Best 4 Foot LED Garage Light Fixtures

Here is the “4 foot LED light fixture”

1. Barrina 4 foot LED Shop Light (Pack of 10)

We begin our list with this unit from Barrina and the first thing that we found to be most appealing about it is that it is energy-efficient. That means that you won’t have to deal with hefty power bills.

Aside from that, the unit is extremely easy to install making it the perfect option for beginners.


  • Easy to install
  • Energy efficient
  • Value for money


  • Mounting hardware could be sturdier

2. FaithSail 4 FT LED Light Fixtures for Garage, 4 Pack

If you want to add a touch of class to your garage, this would be the light fixture to get. Why? Because it comes in a stylish design that will certainly add beauty to your space.

However, that is not the only thing that you get with this unit. It is versatile as well seeing as it can be used for different applications besides in the garage.


  • Versatile
  • Bright
  • Stylish


  • The user instructions could be clearer

3. Sunco 4ft Lighting 6 Pack LED Shop Light

With this particular unit, you get a commercial-grade unit that is designed to stand the test of time and deliver the durability you need.

It is also extendable meaning that it can be linked meaning that you can connect up to four lights to save energy. We love that about it.


  • Come in an extendable design
  • Commercial grade quality
  • Simple installation process


  • The anchors that come with the lights are not as strong

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4. OOOLED 4 Foot Linkable 48W LED Wraparound Light

If you are a first-time user of these OOOLED lights, you will love that they come in a lightweight design. That not only makes it easy to carry them around; it also makes the installation process simpler.

What we loved most about them, however, is that the light is reasonably priced even with all the functionality that it comes with. That gives you value for money.


  • Lightweight
  • Reasonably priced
  • Bright


  • The packaging could be better

5. Hykolity 4 FT Garage LED Shop Light

This 4 foot led light fixture unit is energy-efficient and you will appreciate that you won’t have to incur high energy bills when you have it installed in your garage.

As if that is not enough, it can be linked to other lights to make it more energy-efficient.

The light also comes in a convenient V-shape design that guarantees uniform illumination in your garage so there will not be any dark corners.


  • Energy saving
  • Linkable
  • Provides uniform illumination


  • Not as durable

6. Lithonia Lighting FMFL OA 4-Foot 30840 CAML

This light fixture delivers great ambiance for the garage, hallway, kitchens, and commercial spaces among others making it extremely versatile.

It is built to offer longevity as well so you can expect it to give years of service without faltering. The unit is easy to install as well making it the perfect choice even for first-time users.


  • Multiple applications
  • Low-maintenance installation
  • Provides uniform illumination


  • Wooden frames could be sturdier

7. LLT 4 Ft Vapor Proof LED Waterproof Shop Light

You can rely on this unit not to fall apart because of damage caused by vapor simply because it is designed to be vapor-proof.

It is also an eco-friendly piece so by purchasing it, you will be contributing to environmental conservation and we love that about it.

If anything, it produces a whopping 2700 lumens meaning it is a reliable replacement for the good old fluorescent vapor light fixtures. And it can help you make significant cuts to your power cost as well.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Vapor-proof
  • Provides adequate lighting


  • The fixtures tend to flicker after a while of using

8. Sunco Lighting LED Utility Shop Light 4 Feet

The first thing you will notice when it comes to this particular fixture is that it comes with mounting hardware. That makes the installation process easier and you will appreciate that especially if it is your first time doing it.

Moreover, this 4 foot LED light fixture from Sunco allows for integrated lighting which means that the light bulb can be included as part of a fixture. What’s more, integrated lights do not require re-lamping during their lifespan.


  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Can be linked
  • Lightweight


  • The construction could be better

9. OOOLED 4 FT LED 42W Shop Light

This shop light generates 4800 Lumens and what that means is that it effectively reduces your energy consumption and ultimately your energy bills.

We love that it offers you options when it comes to mounting seeing as you can choose to flush mount or hang it. As if that is not enough, it comes with the accessories required for mounting making the process extremely easy.


  • Easy to handle
  • Can be mounted using two methods
  • Simple to set up


  • Presents a fire hazard

10. Hykolity 4′ LED Shop Light 10 Pack

You can tell that this unit from Hykolity is built for durability just because it comes with a 5-year warranty.

It boasts 2200 lumens meaning it is more than adequate for most stores. At the same time, it is claimed to provide up to 65% energy savings.

Above all, it ishighly user-friendly considering that it is a plug-and-play unit. You will certainly not have a hard time operating it.


  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Plug and play operation
  • Comes with mounting accessories


  • The installation cables could be longer

Guide for 4 Foot LED Light Fixture

Now that you know what options are available in the market. It is time to look at the factors you need to consider when purchasing your garage light fixtures so let’s get to it.

Color Temperature

Most LED garage lights are white and that is because the color temperature offers the clarity and illumination that is needed in a garage setting.

However, that doesn’t mean that you are limited to just that color temperature. If you prefer another color temperature, you can go ahead and get it. Better still, you can get a light fixture that comes with a changeability option that allows you to switch color temperature.

Heat Dissipation

One of the most critical features when it comes to determining a light’s life has to be how it dissipates heat. When LED lights are in operation, they tend to generate a lot of heat. That heat must be dispersed so that the lights function properly.

If that fails to happen, the LED’s lifespan will be significantly reduced.

The best material for facilitating heat dissipation is metal so you may want to go fixtures that comprise aluminum, silver, or copper as part of their construction.

Ease of Installation

You want to keep in mind that there are different kinds of LED garage lights with each having its installation method and characteristics. Some require you to do something as easy s fixing a light bulb while others will require you to do a bit of wiring.

If you do not fancy a complex and time-consuming installation process, you would be better off going for a light fixture that requires a screw-in-installation as it is the quickest and easiest way to set up.


The main purpose of buying garage lights is the brightness they provide. We want to assume that you would want to light up your space with a small fixture that provides ample brightness. As such, you want to consider the lumens that various lights come with.

The number of lumens in a light fixture is what will determine how much brightness it produces so do not overlook that when shopping.

Types of LED Shop Lights For Garage

As we have previously mentioned, there are different kinds of garage lights. Why don’t we look at some of them?

1. LED Tube Garage Lighting

These are popular in the market because most people prefer to fix them in their basements, workshops, and garages. They can be multiple, double, or single tubes and they come in various sizes including T12, T8, and T5.

In the tube series, T8 is the most popular. Some of these fixtures can be suspended, mounted to the ceiling. Regardless of the installation you pick, just keep in mind that they have to be hardwired.

2. LED Bulb Garage Lights

These come in different styles and are significantly bigger compared to the average globe bulbs. However, they are installed the same way as LED bulbs. They come with a bulb base that can be screwed into another ceiling fixture and that makes them easy to install.

These lights are also versatile and can be used in other rooms making them another favorite in the market.

3. LED Wraparound Garage Lights

Just as the name implies, these lights come with a single acrylic lens that wraps around the fixture. This is supposed to diffuse light evenly in all directions.

Such lights are preferable when you want to create a finished look that matches your décor.

Essentially, these lights are mounted to the ceiling, but you can also suspend them so that they hang lower.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on 4 Foot LED Light Fixture

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to garage light fixtures that we feel may be of help.

What are the best lights for a garage?

Usually, most people will go for fluorescent. Nevertheless, if you will be using the lights in a colder climate, you need to pick a fluorescent light based on your garage’s lowest temperature.

What light color is ideal for a workshop?

That would have to be 3500K – 4500K which is a neutral white light that has the perfect balance between soft and warm color light.

Are LED garage Lights worth it?

Yes, they are and that is mainly because they have a longer lifespan compared to incandescent bulbs.

Our Top Pick #1

Having analyzed, all the lights in this article, we have settled on the Barrina LED Shop Lightas a best 4 ft garage light pack of 10 as our top pick. We love that it is extremely easy to install and that it is energy-efficient thus saving you power bills.

However, what we loved most about it is that it offers value for money seeing as it is reasonably priced and comes with a lot of functionality.

Final Thoughts

Having a well-lit garage can save a lot of mistakes and accidents. It may be hard to pick the perfect LED light fixtures for the same but with this guide at your disposal, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Feel free to refer to it as you do your shopping.

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