5 Best 10 Inch Light Bar 2023

Best 10 Inch Light Bar

If you are into off-road driving, especially at night, you most likely understand the importance of investing in high-quality light bars. Not only in the dark, but the light bars could also be of great help during the day in case of conditions that lead to poor vision, such as extreme fog.

So, which is the best 10 inch light bar? That is the question that we shall attempt to answer in this article as we shall provide you with detailed reviews on the top products.

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Comparison of 10-Inch Light Bars

We shall start our discussion by looking at a sample of light bar units that we consider the best in the market. Have a read, and we hope you find your ideal unit somewhere on the list.

RankingProduct NamePositionBulb Type
14WDKING 10-Inch LED Light BarFrontLED
2Uni-Shine 10-Inch Slim LED Light BarLED
3Rigid Industries e-Series 10-Inch SpotLED
44WDKING 10-Inch Double Row LED Light BarFrontLED
5OZ-USA M-Series 10-Inch LED Mini Light BarRearLED
Best 10 Inch Light Bar

1. 4WDKING 10-Inch LED Light Bar

As you may have guessed, 4WDKING is a brand that specially caters to off-road vehicles such as Jeeps and SUVs. We were impressed with its light output which we attribute to the 100-watt power rating, while the water resistance is commendable.

Let’s also talk about the IP68 and IP69K ratings, which means you can expect the light bar to serve you for a decent duration. There is also the 2-year warranty meant to give you peace of mind as you acquire the product.

Key Specs:

  • Power rating of 100W
  • IP68 and IP69K water-resistance rating
  • 2-Year warranty


  • Decent warranty period
  • Outstanding water-resistance rating
  • Efficient cooling


  • Box doesn’t have any accessories

2. Uni-Shine 10-Inch Slim LED Light Bar

Next up is a slim 10-inch LED light bar that is meant to give you the clearest vision as you drive at night. It is characterized by advanced Cree LED chips and a combo beam single row design to offer more concentrated light and a wider irradiation area.

We were pleased with its unique design of an ultra-thin one row and a smooth surface to minimize wind noise. There is also the 8 D optical light cup that further minimizes optical loss in addition to enhancing your car’s beauty.

The light bar is fully sealed by a waterproof rubber pad and silicone sealing strip to make it waterproof and keep out small dirt particles.

How can we forget the 36-month unlimited warranty for your peace of mind?

Key Specs:

  • LED chips with 7,800 lumens
  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof
  • Comes with a 36-month unlimited warranty


  • Ultra-thin
  • Excellent customer support
  • Multiple mounting areas


  • Lens discolors fast

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3. Rigid Industries e-Series 10-Inch Spot/LED Flood Light Bar

Rigid Sports is a name that needs no introduction in the production of top-notch off-road products. This particular item comes in a kit that includes two mounting brackets with all the necessary hardware for easy installation.

Then, the construction comprising of the sealed polycarbonate lens ensure that the unit serves you for the longest duration without much trouble.

The other notable feature about this light bar is that it is designed for different applications ranging from small cars to light trucks.

Key Specs:

  • 65 Watts
  • 5740 raw lumens
  • Painted exterior


  • Comes with all the installation hardware
  • Works with small and light trucks
  • Long-lasting service


  • The lens gets moist after a short while

4. 4WDKING 10-Inch Double Row LED Light Bar

Once again, 4WDKING makes it to our list, and this should give you a hint of the quality associated with the brand. Besides the double-row light bar design, it also features a spot beam for long irradiation distance and a flood beam for broader coverage.

Also worth noting is the combo beam that ensures the unit provides an outstanding visual effect.

Let’s talk about the heat dissipation sink that is constructed out of die-cast aluminum and a combination of different materials to give the unit IP68 and IP69K waterproof rating.

Lastly, the unit has a screwless design to ensure you are not troubled with rust and water seeping through the screw hole.

Key Specs:

  • IP68 and IP69 rating
  • Screwless design
  • Double-row design


  • Impressive water-resistance
  • A one-piece unit
  • Built to last


  • Does not come with a connector

5. OZ-USA M-Series 10-Inch LED Mini Light Bar

Closing down our list is the M-Series 10-Inch light bar by OZ-USA that has an outstanding super-slim design coupled with high-intensity dual-LED chips.

This unit is ideal for extreme conditions, and we attribute this to its IP68 waterproof rating and its dust and shock-proof nature.

You may be pleased that the light is suited for an abrupt change in conditions without needing amber covers to provide extra protection.

Lastly, the light bar can be mounted in different areas, including the front and rear bumper, behind the grille, or wheel well.

Key Specs:

  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • Dual-LED chips
  • Decent lifespan
  • 2750 raw lumens


  • Ideal for extreme weather conditions
  • Ultra-slim design
  • Wide application


  • Not very bright

Key Factors to Check Before Buying:

Now that you know the top brands in the market, it is also vital that you know what should guide you in your search for the ideal product. Find out the factors as discussed below.


The unit’s brightness is measured in lumens, whereby the higher the number of lumens, the brighter the light bar will be. The brightness ranges between 10,000 to 100,000 lumens typically, and you should make a point of checking out this factor before making a purchase.


In case you didn’t know, LED light bars are made of individual bars, and this should tell you that the size determines the light’s brightness and the surface area it will cover.

Dust and Water Resistance

If you want your light bar to give you the best service, ensure that it is fully sealed from elements such as dust and water. After all, this is what you would expect from off-road conditions. Check the IP rating so that you can be sure of the level of resistance that the unit offers to the said elements.

The Mounting options

The other significant bit is to consider the attachment of the light bar to the vehicle. Here, you will have to look at the mounting points available for the task, and luckily for you, light bars are quite easy to attach.

If you find circular tubes or T-slots, you can expect to have the easiest time sliding or clamping the light bars on and off the vehicle.

FAQs High-Quality 10-inch Light Bars

In this section, we shall look at and attempt to answer some of the common questions asked regarding light bars.

What is the best color for LED?

We believe white is the ideal color for LED as it provides the best illumination. Further, some states only allow white for automotive lighting.

What is the ideal number of lumens in a single LED?

A: At the moment, single white LEDs offer about 100 lumens. However, the frequency is the primary determinant of the light output, and it is not that stable. For off-road driving, we suggest that you do not go below 1500 lumens.

Is it safe to clean a light bar?

It depends on the method you use, and in this instance, we recommend hand-washing. This is because most mounted car accessories are prone to damage during car washing.

And if you insist on a car wash, it would be wise if you unmounted everything to be on the safe side.

The Best Overall

After that detailed analysis, we have settled on 4WDKING 10-Inch LED Light Bar as our top pick.

The power rating and water-resistance are impressive, while the 2-year warranty that it comes with should be enough to give you peace of mind as it assures you of the product’s longevity.

Closing Remark

With that, we hope we have made it easier for you to find the ideal 10-inch light bar, and once you do so, you can expect your next off-road driving to be relatively peaceful.

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