What Size Fuse or Relay for LED Light Bar?

What Size Fuse or Relay for LED Light Bar

These days, most of us prefer installing LED light bars all by ourselves rather than splashing the cash for a professional to do so. If you want the unit to function correctly, you have to ensure that you get all the steps right, especially the wiring.

One area that you are likely to find challenging is sizing the fuse or relay, and it may frustrate you to the point of putting you off it ultimately.

We understand that this is a big problem out there, and that is why we have compiled this piece to tell you all you need to know about fuses and their sizing.

The Importance of a Fuse

Your LED system needs a fuse to protect the wiring from damage brought about by the electric currents flowing through the wires. However, an important aspect that you have to pay attention to is the fuse wire size, and we shall tell you why.

If it is too high, you may damage the entire connection, while the whole circuit could blow if it is too low.

This tells you why you need to get the correct size fuse anytime you embark on the process. So, if you want your fuse to be up to the task of protecting the wires, ensure that it is rated at least 1.5 times the rated current value.

NB: Just for clarity, the fuse rating refers to the amount of current required for the fuse to break or blow.

Keep in mind that the fuse size should only be based on the smallest wire on the circuit and not the circuit load, as is a common belief.

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Wrapping It Up

With that information that we have presented in this piece, the sizing of the fuse should no longer trouble you at all. And once you get it right, the circuit will no longer be at risk of damage since the fuse will protect the wires from blowing up. Have a safe connection, won’t you?

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