How to Remove Ceiling Light Fixture with no Screws – A Guide to Use

How to Remove Ceiling Light Fixture with no Screws

Whether you’re looking to update your light fixtures or simply change a burnt-out bulb, knowing how to remove a ceiling light fixture will come in handy. In this post, I’ll guide you on how to remove ceiling light fixture with no screws.

In many instances, light fixtures are secured to the ceiling with screws. But if you come across a light fixture with no screws, don’t worry — removing it is still a relatively simple process. With a few household tools, you’ll have that light fixture down in no time.

Removing a ceiling light fixture with no screws can be challenging. If not carefully done, you might end up having damaged your ceiling or even the Dome itself.

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Ceiling Light Fixture with no Screws

Ceiling light fixtures with no screws are a type of lighting mounted on ceilings without any screws attaching them to the ceiling. Most people wonder how they can remove or change them because if wrongly or carelessly handled, these lights’ connections might be detached away from the ceiling.

Therefore, it is essential to treat them with great care.

How to Remove Ceiling Light Fixture with no Screws

Types of Flush mount lights

There are different types of ceiling lights you can choose from. Your decision will be highly dependent on the kind of ceiling you have in your house. Some examples include:

  • Flush mount
  • Semi-Flush mount lights
  • Directional and spotlight

Flush mount – Installed directly on the ceiling without leaving any space. Ideal for bathrooms.

Semi – Semi-flush mount-Ideal for rooms with high ceilings, for example, living rooms, because there is some space left in between the ceiling and the fixture.

Directional – They are mounted to concentrate light towards a particular direction.

Benefits of Light Dome Fixture

Below are the benefits of the light dome fixtures

  • They have a low power consumption capability while still providing you with superior lighting.
  • They can fit anywhere, whether outdoors or indoors.
  • They are simple to install
  • With dome lighting, you can direct the light to a specific area depending on your specification.

How to Remove The Dome

You might find yourself in a fix whenever a bulb inside a dome blows up. All you have to do is follow the explained steps in this section to remove your bulb safely.

Twisting and Pulling down

You will press the Dome upwards as you slowly turn it to the point of the notch. At this point, you will push up to the notch and then pull it down.

When it gets complicated, you will require an extra person to help you. Your helper can use a broomstick to push it upwards while you slowly twist it slightly. Caution should be taken to avoid breaking or dropping the Dome.

Bulbs with springs holding the Dome

When you encounter such types, it is vital to be extra careful. You will follow the following rules;

  • You can use a knife to make the paint around the metal collar loose carefully.
  • Pull the light fixture downwards to know where precisely the springs are.
  • Use your hands now to open it up where the springs will be supporting the Dome.
  • On separating it from the ceiling completely, change your bulb as the springs hold the Dome.
  • After you are done, you will pop the fixture back into its place on the ceiling.
  • This method can leave your ceiling scratched by your knife if you are not careful enough. When you have a much more stable ceiling, it’s not worth risking scratching it with a knife while you can pull the Dome down.

The Dome will come down, allowing you to change the bulb.


This type allows you to tap the metal ring holding the Dome slightly and the Dome will pop out.


Turning the globe can be another method. You will find such types having a peg holder that simplifies the turning.



In conclusion, this is a basic guide that illustrated how to remove ceiling light fixture with no screws. If you need to remove a light fixture with no screws, just read this guide carefully once again and follow all the steps.

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