How to Remove Light Fixture Cover with Clips

How to Remove Light Fixture Cover with Clips

Light fixtures are an important part of providing light in our homes. Besides that, they bring a whole new dimension of beauty into the interior design industry. In particular, they play an important role in either of the following 3 situations.

General lighting: this is where the whole room is illuminated at a uniform level.

Accent lighting: Accent lighting is where specific points of interest are illuminated.

Task lighting: this is where one uses light for a specific task, for example reading using a table lamp.

How to Remove Light Fixture Cover with Clips

Light Fixture – What You Need To Know

This is an electrical device that contains a bulb as the source of light. For every room and every need, one can easily find a light fixture.

What Makes a Light Fixture?

It has a body and one or more bulbs. A switch can be attached to it to control the light.

If the light fixture is hung away from reach, the switch is likely to be on the wall. The switch can also hang low on a string to pull. It requires electricity or can be battery-powered.

A lamp is a portable light fixture. It has a plug with a cord to be inserted into a socket. A fixture can have a reflector for directing light to specific areas.

Classification of a light fixture depends on:

  • How it is installed,
  • The light function,
  • The lamp type.

Therefore a light fixture can be portable light or fixed light. It can be made of glass, fabric or plastic.

Light Fixture Cover

This is what encloses the electrical device. A light fixture cover ensures the light fixture is damage free. It can be made from glass or plastic.

A light fixture cover can have varied shapes for beauty’s sake or to fit where it is needed. It can be circular, square or rectangular. It can be fastened using screws or clips.

How to Remove Light Fixture Cover with Clips in 5 Easy Steps

Damage does occur. The bulb could be out or the fixture damaged. This means replacement of either has to be done.

Step 1: Turn Off the Switch to Stop Power Supply

Turn off the power source. This ensures safety. Make sure the switch is off to avoid the risk of electrocution.

Step 2: Set Up Ladder and Make Sure Your Easy Reach

Clear the surface where you are to work on. Use a ladder if the cover is higher up. Get what you would need within reach.

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Step 3:​ Pull-Back Clips

Identify which clip pulls back. To do this, gently pull on each clip. Once identified, pull it back gently.

It will typically pull back about half an inch. Dip the rim of the fixture underneath the clip. Leave the clip to gently slide into its designated place.

Step 4:​ Remove Light Fixture Cover

Pull the cover away gently from the remaining clips. Now replace what was damaged. Once it is correctly fit, put the cover back.

Step 5:​ If You Have Changed the Cover Now Pull-On Clips Again

Gently pull on the initially identified clip that pulls back. Slip the cover onto the other two clips. Now release the pulled back clip.

Confirm that it is secure. Switch it on to be sure that it works. If it does, you are good to go.


Always remember, safety comes first. So, don’t compromise. Much as it is easy to remove a light fixture cover with clips, it is always important to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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