How to Remove Glass Dome Light Fixtures: Important Tips

In this article, we explore how to remove the glass dome light fixtures. We had also faced the same problem a while back leading me to do some research.  You do not have to be an electrical professional to accomplish this.

The article will provide insight on how to easily remove glass domes. We shall explore the different types of mechanisms used on the glass dome light fixtures to shed more light on how to remove them.

How to Remove Glass Dome Light Fixtures

Ways to Remove Glass Dome Light Fixtures

Screw type mechanism

Most dome ceiling fixtures have a metal frame which holds in place the glass dome and generally has one to three screws to hold the glass dome in place. For this fixture, locate the flat head screws and ensure you place your hand under the glass dome to support it at all times.

Turn the screws clockwise to loosen them and then pull those outwards without removing them from the metal frame. Now you should remove the glass dome without the screws coming off the frame.

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Notch or grove mechanism

You will also find some with a notch or groove mechanism. To remove these, one person needs to put pressure on the metal against the ceiling and the other to push or move the glass dome counter-clockwise to loosen it.

Spring Mechanism

If the fixture is not screwed in, you may be dealing with a spring-loaded installation. To remove this fixture, you need to pry the metal collar which attaches to the ceiling using either a flathead screwdriver or a knife to loosen the paint around it. Then use your hand to pull it down from the springs.

Some of these use the tap, nudge, or pressure mechanism. For tap mechanism, tap at the metal ring gently until the dome comes off. For the nudge mechanism, use a flathead screwdriver to push the dome gently and it will come off. For pressure mechanism, apply little pressure on the edges, and it will pop off.

The fixture will hold itself into place as you change the bulb.

Slotted connectors

For these types of fixtures, you will have to turn the glass dome counterclockwise to unscrew it. You will notice there are three metal bumps on the inside; these hold it into place.

Flush mount

These types of light fixtures have their rims positioned by a flush against the ceiling. To remove the dome, first locate the ornamental bolt, it is usually at the bottom of the light. Hold the glass up with your hard and turn the flash counter clockwise to loosen it.

When it is completely loose, carefully detach the bolt and be careful to ensure the glass does not fall.


In conclusion, as we discovered you do not require to be an electrical engineer to remove these glass dome fixtures. We need to be observant on what we are working with and identify the type of light fixtures.

However, if you encounter one which does not fall into the categories above, please contact an electrician for help.

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