How To Install a Light Bar on a Truck

How To Install a Light Bar on a Truck

If you own a truck, there are high chances that you are an off-road enthusiast. In this instance, a high-quality light bar is more of a necessity than a luxury to help you navigate through poorly visible trails. This will help make the entire venture a success.

Now you have already spent some money on your ideal lighting unit, do you need to spend more on an electrician to do the installation for you? No, you do not. It is a fairly straightforward process that you can complete on your own.

In this article, we will provide you with a simple step-by-step guide on how you can install a light bar on your truck.

How To Install a Light Bar on a Truck

Pre-Installation Procedures

Before setting down to the business of installing the light bar on your vehicle, there are several things that you need to be sure of. They are as follows:

Confirm what states’ laws say regarding the use of light bars on vehicles so that you remain on the right side of the law

Check the contents of the package

Ensure that all the pieces of the light bar are in the box as indicated by the label

Tools for the job

It is vital to have all the essential tools to avoid interruptions. These include C-clamps, wrenches, crimpers, a screwdriver set, wire cutters, drill bits, and pliers

The LED light bar mounts

The mounts will vary depending on the size of the light bar and the manufacturer, and you ensure the two sets of items are compatible

With all the above factors in check, you are now ready to get down to the business of installing the light bar on your truck.

7 Steps to Install a Light Bar on Your Truck

The following are the simple steps and instructions that you can follow for the proper installation of the lighting unit on your truck.

1. Disconnecting the Wires

Your safety should come first, and you can ensure this by taking care of all the live wires. Here, disconnect all the cables from the battery, particularly the primary wire, so no current travels from it.

2. Choose the Ideal Mounting Location

Next, you have to decide which position on your truck would be the best for mounting the bar. You could either go for the front side of your pickup’s roof or the front and rear bumper. It is up to you to decide which position would help you reap maximum benefits from the light bar.

3. Use of A Wiring Harness

This device aims to make the overall assembly easier by carrying wires from one end to the other. It is crucial that you ensure the harness is attached to the cables, even if you have hired someone to do the task for you.

4. Making the Holes

Once you have made up your mind on the wiring harness and the mount position, it is now time to drill holes using the drill in your possession. A pointer would help you find the places to make the holes which will provide the support needed as you move wires from one end to another.

Before you start drilling, you should have a clue how deep the machine will go so that you don’t end up damaging your expensive truck. Hire a pro if you aren’t sure of this step.

5. Mounting Brackets for Support

Mounting brackets will help in providing the support needed by your newly installed light bar. Besides purchasing ready-made frames, you could always make the fixtures yourself while ensuring you use sturdy material for durability.

6. Check for Obstructions

After you are done with the setup, you should check that the new installation does not obstruct the driver’s view. If there is any problem, make the necessary changes before hitting the road with your pickup.

7. Attach the Wires

This is a crucial step where you will connect the device you have installed to the truck’s battery. Look out for short and visible paths while the wires should not be exposed as they may make your vehicle unattractive.

Once you are done attaching the cable with your terminal’s connection, find the proper color schemes. Here, the black color should connect with the negative terminals, while the red wires should connect with the positive terminals.

Making electrical connections is a sensitive topic, and you should follow all the instructions to the end to minimize the risks of electrocution.

Closing Remark on How To Install a Light Bar on a Truck

As you can see, you do not need to hire anyone to install a light bar on your truck, and you can do so by yourself. Only ensure that you have all the parts and tools close by so that the entire process goes uninterrupted.

And if you follow all instructions correctly, you are now set to hit the road with your newly installed fixtures which you will find helpful in unpredictable off-road trails.

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