How to Wire a Light Bar to a Toggle Switch

How to Wire a Light Bar to a Toggle Switch

If you are into off-road driving, you must understand the importance of installing a light bar unit. This accessory will make the trail more visible as the normal lights wouldn’t be effective in such an environment.

However, most people get easily spooked off by the wiring involved in installing the accessory. Well, by the end of this piece, we hope to have changed your perception as we shall provide you with a simple guide on wiring the unit to a toggle switch.

How to Wire a Light Bar to a Toggle Switch

Stick around and see what we have prescribed for you.

The Tools Needed to Start Wiring a light Bar

Before you get started, these are the tools that you should have to ensure you get the job done flawlessly:

  • Toggle Switch
  • Inline fuse
  • Wires
  • Wire stripper
  • Drill
  • Drill bit

How to Wire a Light Bar to a Toggle Switch

Once you get the tools in place, you can start the wiring process of connecting the accessory to a toggle switch.

Prepare the vehicle for wiring

Here, you should disconnect the car’s battery to keep yourself safe as there is always the risk of electrocutions.

Identify the Location where to install light bar

First, you need to identify the perfect spot for installing your toggle switch. It has to be a convenient location that won’t interfere with your driving whenever you want to switch it on.

Also, the holes shouldn’t create a venue for rainwater to get into your vehicle.

About the Toggle Switch

When you look at the device keenly, you’ll notice it has three pins, the negative one that is gold in color and two positive ones, mainly silver colored.

The negative one must be grounded off, while the 12V middle one has to run to the battery’s negative terminal and tie to the inline fuse. The last positive pin will run to the light bar directly.

Run the Wires

In this section, we will tell you how to connect the wires from the switch to the hood and the lighting unit. First, feed them through the hole you have created on your car, with the negative wire being grounded off to a metal surface.

Then, run the two positive wires to the battery and unit, respectively. Here, the black tape would help you differentiate the wires from each other.

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Testing the wire working or not

Once you are done with the connections, it is now time to check whether the unit is operating as it should. If everything clicks, you can rest assured that you have done everything right.

Closing Remark

With that brief and simple guide, you shouldn’t have a hard time following it to the letter. So why don’t you try it and see if you can get the job done yourself?

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