7 Best Under Bed Lighting Ideas 2023

Best Under Bed LED Lights

Bedrooms are often designed to be sanctuaries. But with so many designs out there, it can be hard to style your bedroom for optimal relaxation.

All the same, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to transform your space, under-bed lighting is worth considering.

This type of lighting adds more function to a bed while also illuminating hard-to-see spots and areas. It can also transform a laid-back atmosphere into a delightful oasis.

Unfortunately, choosing the best under bed LED light can be daunting because of the many options available. That’s why we’ve decided to compile a list of the 7 best products on the market along with:

  • Their features, pros & cons
  • Important Factors to Consider
  • Frequently asked questions

Under Bed LED Lighting

Like many, you probably don’t have the time to go through the entire article. So, here is a quick summary of what each under bed LED light in this article has to offer.

RankingProduct NameSpecial FeatureMaterial
1My Beauty Light LED Strip LightsDimmable, 3-way switchingPlastic
2ViLSOM LED Strip LightsDimmablePCB&LED
3CH Under Bed LED Lighting KitOther
4Vansky Motion Activated Bed LightWaterproof, Dustproof, Motion-Sensor
5Lxyoung 50ft LED Strip LightsDimmablePlastic
6IllumiForce Motion Activated Night LightDimmable, Motion-Sensor
7Meiyue Motion Sensor Under Bed LightsMotion-Sensor
Best Under Bed LED Lights

Here are our in-depth details of top 7 under bed LED lighting.

1. MyBeauty Light LED Strip Light: Best Customizable

This is a 16.4 feet dimmable white LED strip light that works in DC 12v low voltage for maximum energy saving. The device boasts a long press dimmer for adjusting brightness level and a short press to turn it on or off.

Additionally, it is equipped with 300 pieces of high-quality LEDs that give off a super bright light. This makes it ideal for under the bed, under cabinet, wardrobe, and even closet.

What’s more? You will be happy to know that the kit is easy to install. This is because it features custom foam tape along with strong adhesive clips at the back.


  • Ultra-bright yet eye-protective
  • Memory function available
  • Safe to use
  • Quick to install


  • Adhesive clips don’t stick on all surfaces

2. ViLSOM LED Strip Light: Best Color Changing

Looking for an all-in-one under bed LED lights kit? This product might just be what you need. It comes with two rolls of 10ft LED light strip, fixed buckles, and an IR remote. This means that you can use the strips in various scenarios.

But you know what the best part is? The lights boast 5v voltage which, is extremely low. This makes the kit safe and energy saving.

As if that’s not enough, the lights are available in 16 static color options to choose from for different lighting effects. The colors are available in flash, jump, smooth, and fade designs.


  • Adjustable light direction
  • Dimmable
  • Available in 4 dynamic color modes
  • Remote control


  • The adhesive is not strong enough
  • Not bright enough

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3. CH Under Bed LED Lighting Kit

If you don’t have a tight budget, you might want to consider getting this under-bed LED light. The kit comprises 15.5 ft LED lights containing a total of 300 Cree-style LEDs. As such, you don’t have to worry about its brightness.

The best part is that it comes with remote control for added convenience. So, using the remote, you can choose the RGB color you desire depending on your mood. 

And similar to other high-quality LED lights, this kit features low power consumption. This means that you don’t need to worry that your electric bills might increase.


  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Mounting clips are included
  • Different color settings to choose from
  • Excellent technical support


  • A little pricey

4. Vansky LED: Best Motion Activated

Here is yet another excellent under-bed LED lighting kit that gives off warm soft glow light. The light is bright enough to guide safely across the room at night without waking others with its glare.

What’s more? It is equipped with a built-in passive infrared motion sensor to ensure it only lights up upon detecting movement. This means that it will auto shut-off when no motion is detected to save up on power.

On top of that, the kit has an adjustable auto-shut-off timer that can be set from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. You just need to set it according to your preference.


  • Easy installation with adhesive backing
  • Multi-purpose
  • IP65 waterproof and dustproof
  • Backed by a 1-year guarantee


  • Not long-lasting
  • Too bright and not dimmable

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5. Lxyoung LED Strip Light: Best Smart Enabled

With this kit, you can light up and decorate as many beds and rooms as you want. This is because it features 3 reels of 50 ft LED strips, which are very long.

The best part? You can control the lighting in many ways, such as using the 3-button switch from the device. Alternatively, you can use the IR remote provided or the “Happy Lighting” phone app available on Apple App and Google Play store.

More importantly, you will be happy to know that these RGB LED lights comprise 300 high-quality 5050 SMD LEDs. Also included are dimmer and brightness controls.


  • Easy to customize the length of the strips
  • Strong adhesive backing
  • On/off timer available
  • Adjustable light direction


  • Remote control sometimes fails to work
  • Most of the colors don’t function

6. IllumiForce Motion Activated Night Light

Need a reliable and high-quality motion-activated under bed LED strip light? This kit might fit your budget. It is equipped with a motion sensor to ensure it only turns on when it detects motion and then auto-turns off.

But here is the best part; for added convenience, the device is engineered with an adjustable time and dimmer. The dimmer allows you to choose the best brightness level between 10% and 100%. 

Additionally, the kit includes everything you need to install the lights and allows tool-free installation. It comes with a 3M tape that sticks on most surfaces.


  • Automatic shut off timer
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Multiple applications
  • One year warranty & money-back guarantee


  • The adhesive strip is sub-par

7. Meiyue Motion Sensor Under Bed Light

Lastly, we’ve got this kit that is best for under the bed and also stairway, cupboard, sofa, and cabinet. Simply put, the device can be installed anywhere you need extra light to guide you through the dark.

Similar to other premium LED under bed lights, this product boasts a built-in passive infrared motion sensor. As such, the lights will only turn on when motion is detected to save on power.

More importantly, the system is equipped with an adjustable timer switch for ease of use. Basically, the timer allows you to choose between 3 settings, including the 30s, 130s, and 380s based on your preference.


  • Auto shut-off for power efficiency
  • Strong 3M adhesive backing
  • Gives off a warm soft glow of light
  • Wireless remote-control dimmer


  • The motion sensor is not durable enough

Important Factors to Consider for Bedroom LED Lights Under Bed

Under-bed LED lights come in various styles and designs. As such, you might have a hard time finding the best one for your needs.

The good news? If you know what factors to consider, you’re sure to have an easy time choosing the best kit. So, below are the features to look out for.

Brightness Levels

The first factor to consider is the brightness of the LED lights. However, this feature depends on your preference. So, we recommend getting a kit whose brightness is adjustable.


Another factor to consider is if the kit features a dimmer. This feature comes in handy in case you want to adjust the brightness of the light. More so, it can help you save up on power and energy.

Quality of LEDs

Additionally, you need to consider the quality of the LED light. A good kit should contain high-quality LEDs that give off a super bright light. This will help ensure the light provides you with long-lasting performance.

Ease of Installation

The best under bed LED kit should be easy to install and come with installation hardware. Fortunately, all the devices on our list are easy to install and come with adhesive backing for tool-free installation.

Color Range

Under-bed LED kits come in a range of colors to choose from. Color deepens the mood while also adding tone to any bedroom. So, depending on your preference, you could get a device with up to 20 changing colors. However, you can also get a kit with a single color.

Why Install Under Bed Lighting and Why Not?

If you have just moved into a new apartment, then you will probably want to do a lot of redecoration. You might think that redecorating the apartment will be the most fun part about moving, however, there could also be many other reasons as to why you may want to install bedroom led lights under bed. We will discuss why you may want to consider this.

We can discuss the reasons why you may want to install under bed lighting or not. Remember, we have looked at safety, space saving and maintenance while writing this article.

Depending on your circumstances, you may only want one of these reasons. Remember, installation is time-consuming.

Reasons to Get Under Bed Lighting


If you are using this as a form of child proofing then you will certainly be able to have peace of mind. Not everyone will want to leave all of their children up to their own devices. However, at night when they are sleeping you can feel safe as they will not be able to play around with the lights.

To reduce clutter

You can also install in the areas where clothes are stored. You may even want to install under bed lights in these unused closets. This will prevent your clothes from piling up on the floor or on your clothes hanger in the morning.

To shop safely

If you are a night owl then you may want to continue reading to see why you might want to install bed lighting. During the day, you may want to shop but at night it will be harder. If you have installed under bed lights you will be able to get around in the dark more easily.

Lighting up your bedroom

This may be the reason that you are most concerned about. Think about it, if you are going to install LED lights in your bedroom then you can light up your bedroom. An under bed LED light is a handy little tool.

Someone is always in the house

Children usually sleep in the day. This means that someone will always be in the house during the day.

However, at night, everyone may leave the house for the night and sleep in their beds. This means that there will be someone in the house during the night. If you are worried then it is a good idea to install LED bed lighting in your bedroom.

Saving space by using bed lighting

With motion activated under bed light, you will be able to save space. Most of the time, if you are tired, you do not want to move all of the furniture and items that you want to keep, to stow away everything you left out.

Reasons to NOT Install Under Bed Lighting

Cost of led lights for bed

You may assume that you will be able to install under bed lights for free. Certainly with electrical companies, they will give you this service for free.

Moreover, if you are planning to get an electrician in to do it for you then you could end up spending quite a lot.

Time for Installation Process

Installation is time intensive. It can take up to a day to get everything installed. You may not want to do this when you have other things planned such as a renovation.

Maintenance of under bed lighting

Maintenance is not cheap. If you opt for LED lights then you will have to pay additional costs for maintenance. If your new apartment is old, then you may find that you need to replace the lights every so often.

If you have limited budget, then it may be best to concentrate on one or two of these aspects first. If you have no problem with money, then it may be best to get everything installed at once.

Questions People Ask (FAQs) on LED Lights Under Bed

Still, having doubts about which under bed LED kit is the best for your needs? We’ve come up with a list of questions that you probably have yourself.

Is It Safe to Put LED Lights Under a Bed?

Yes. As it turns out, the LEDs don’t give off enough heat that could burn your bed or start a fire. 

How Do You Install LED Lights Under a Bed?

You start by getting a power supply and then attaching the controller somewhere around the bed. Next, line the LED strips around your bed and plug the controller before turning the lights on. 

Is it Safe to Keep My LED Lights on During The Day?

It’s advisable to turn off the lights during the day to ensure the transformer has enough time to down. Leaving them on all day long could lead to overheating issues. 

Which is the Best #1?

Without a doubt, the My Beauty Light LED Strip Lights is our top pick. This is because it has some really unique features like memory function. More so, it’s dimmable and comes with a self-adhesive foam tape for ease of installation.

Not to mention, the device boasts up to 300 pieces of premium quality LEDs.

Bottom Line

Bedroom trends can come and go. However, under-bed lighting is classic, functional, and transformative. So, if you’re looking to add a one-of-a-kind glow, the under bed LED light is an excellent choice.

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