Pendant Light – What You Need to Know

Pendant Light Definition

Are you on the search for new light fixtures for your home? Well, with so many options available to choose from, it can be challenging to know which lighting fixture to buy.

However, pendant lights are quite popular and for good reasons. This is probably because they tend to add brightness and style to any room in the house.

But what is pendant light definition? Read on if you are interested in learning more about pendant lights and their uses.

Pendant Light Definition

Pendant Light Definition

A pendant light is basically a light fixture that is designed to be installed on the ceiling. As such, it tends to hang down from the ceiling on either a chain or a rod.

It is just like how a pendant hang from a chain around your neck. Unlike a chandelier which incorporates multiple bulbs into a single fixture, a pendant light has only one bulb.

Generally, this type of light fixture can be used to light up a workspace like a desk in a home office. You can also use it to light up a kitchen island or the entryway of your home.

The best thing about pendant lights is that they are available in many styles, designs, colors, and sizes to choose from. Therefore, you are sure to find a style that complements your taste.

Types of Pendant Light

Like we have already mentioned, pendant light fixtures come in 5 different types. So, let’s check them out.

1. Drum Shade Pendants

These are pendant lights featuring a circular shade that surrounds the bulb. They are generally made of canvas or other fabric materials.

Additionally, they come in different colors to choose from, including soft tones of grey or beige. Drum pendant lights can be used in a living room, dining room, and master bedroom to create soft lighting.

2. Cord Pendants

As the name suggests, these light fixtures have their bulb attached to a long cord. The cords could be pain black or made of braided cloth or other materials.

Being the most minimalist style of a pendant light, they are ideal for use over dining tables and as bedside lighting.

3. Multiple Bulb Pendants

Multi-bulb pendants feature at least three bulbs connected by a horizontal armbar. This makes them ideal for lighting large spaces like a restaurant or a pub.

However, some multi-bulb pendant lights have their bulbs connected via a cord and attached to a ceiling rose.

4. Globe Pendants

These pendant lights are round or spherical in shape with a clear or fully diffused shade. They tend to distribute light evenly within a space. This, therefore, makes them ideal for hallways, cafes, and kitchens.

5. Bowl Pendant Light

This type of light comes in the shape of a bowl. It is popularly known for its simple yet functional design.

Generally, they are available in many sizes and styles to choose from. Some bowl pendants are pointed upwards while are others are inverted.

Final Words

Pendant light fixtures are ideal for lighting any room that requires ambient and ample lighting. This is because they usually light up a smaller space just as needed. You just need to hang them from the center of the ceiling, and they will create a relaxing space.

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