What Gauge Wire for LED Light Bar?

What Gauge Wire for LED Light Bar

We can all agree that wiring is not for everyone, and most individuals prefer hiring professionals to get the job done. However, when it comes to LEDs, the situation is pretty different as the system has fewer complications.

So, when it comes to finding the correct wire to use, you shouldn’t have a big problem finding the right one to use as any type can do the job.

That being said, let us spell out a few things about the wires that you may use for your LED lighting unit.

What Gauge Wire for LED Light Bar?
The Wire Gauge Selection Table for 12 Volt Circuit

Wire Gauge Selection Table for 12 Volt Circuit

About the Wire Gauge

This is an essential part of the system which if you fail to get it right, the system may end up failing, contrary to what you were hoping for. So, you should be keen to get a gauge that is compatible with the system.

Even though a bigger gauge is often the better choice, it comes with its fair share of disadvantages. For instance, they have poor flexibility, while termination will prove to be a challenge. Luckily for you, LEDs don’t need many electrical currents, so you don’t always have to settle for bigger gauges.

Types of Wires

The other bit that you need to know about wires is the different types available. We shall tell you about the two main ones, which are:

I) Solid Core Wire

This type is highly preferred due to its flexibility, making it easy to make connections. It features a solid copper conductor and is wrapped by a plastic insulating jacket.

II) Stranded Wire

Unlike the solid wire, the stranded wire comprises several conductors in one bundle and is wrapped up in an insulating jacket. It is more complicated to deal with due to the soldering required to make it stiff enough to be used in a connection.

Even though both wires can fit in an LED light bar, you will have an easier time dealing with the former.

Wire Gauge Standard Chart of Gauge vs Ampere

Ampacity(A)Wire Size in Gauge
35+ Ampere6 Gauge
30 Ampere12 Gauge
25 Ampere14 Gauge
18 Ampere16 Gauge
16 Ampere18 Gauge
11 Ampere20 Gauge
7 Ampere22 Gauge
3.5 Ampere24 Gauge
2.2 Ampere26 Gauge

Closing Remark

By now, the issue of the appropriate wire gauge to use in an LED light bar should no longer be a mystery. We understand that the topic of wiring scares off the bravest of us, but you should be relaxed knowing that LEDs do not have that much electricity flowing through them and are therefore less complicated.

With this information at your fingertips, we believe you’ll get things right next time when you have to deal with the wires.

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What Gauge Wire for LED Light Bar
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