What is a Light Bar? Light Bar History and What are Its Uses?

Light Bar

If you take your time to observe most of the trucks on the road, you’ll notice some form of modification in their lighting. This is often an aftermarket light bar at the front to boost visibility in unfriendly environments.

What do you know about this accessory in terms of its background and use? Do not worry if you are in the dark, as those are some of the issues we shall address in this piece.

Light Bar

What is a Light Bar?

In simple terms, this is a set of LEDs contained in a single unit. They come in different shapes and sizes, with the standard number of lights in a bar being four. However, this number varies with the size, where you’ll find a longer unit having more lights than the four.

History of Light Bars

LED technology has been around since the 40s and was limited to police cars as a rotating beacon light. In the 60s, they switched to light bars which offered better visibility than the beacon.

Unlike the modern light bar, which is mounted onto the vehicle, the earlier models were magnetic and less secure.

Then, the current light bars that you find have more color varieties so that you can choose the one that pleases you the most.

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Uses of Light Bars

Here are some of the benefits that you’ll get by installing the unit on your truck:

  1. Most of these units are well-built and can put up with the demands of off-road trails
  2. The light that these units provide will be of great use in poorly lit areas such as forest trails and dim alleys. Further, it can boost your safety by helping you identify hazards faster
  3. Another use of these accessories is that they can help in equipping your car with a sense of style. However, this depends on the unit’s design, where some units are more stylish than others.

Note: If you ever encounter an emergency on the highway, you can use this unit to alert other road users of your presence and predicament

Final Word

We hope that this piece has helped compound your knowledge of light bars, and this should help you appreciate their value even more. If you were looking for an excuse to install one on your car, now you have three to choose from.

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